I have a froyo problem. It's not the fact that I always get the medium sized cup (the small is for wimps) and wince when I weigh it on the scale. The problem is the gang of 15-year-olds I get judged by as I walk into their hangout spot when getting said froyo. I try to remind myself that yes, I'm cooler than them; it's cool to get froyo on a Friday night. But seriously, those teens are ruthless. 

Anyways, no need to put on somewhat acceptable clothing to get my fix anymore — I'm gonna be making froyo at home. Call me the Kylie Jenner of my generation if you will (minus the preggers and millionaire status part), because similar to her, I found the Wim froyo machine that I can literally keep in my pantry. 

Like a Keurig, But For Froyo

A new froyo machine by Wim is small enough to fit in your pantry, and easy enough to use every single night, should you want to. Some are dubbing it the "Keurig of froyo," because it's about the size of a Keurig machine, uses small pods like one, and is for single-sized servings. 

How It Works

All you have to do is mix your choice of milk with one of Wim's freeze-dried organic yogurt bowls, pop it in the machine, and you've got yourself a creamy, delicious bowl of froyo just for you.

The Wim bowls (the yogurt mix) come in packs of five, 10, and 20, all priced at $3 per bowl. Flavors range from rich Brownie Batter, Milk and Cookies, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, to lighter flavors like Raspberry and Strawberry, and more. 

Each serving is around 150 cals for 4-4.5 ounces, with roughly 10 grams of added sugar (depends on the flavor and the milk you use).

So, yes, I'm thinking I could eat this every damn day. The machine and the bowls are all available for purchase on Wim's website. However, the only issue is that the Wim froyo machine is $299, and currently, it looks like it's sold out. But, put your name on the waitlist and you could have one by Dec. 18 or perhaps as a Christmas gift (Mom, are you reading this?). Until then, looks like I'll be swapping dirty looks with the tween squad at the local 16 Handles.