Dessert sushi has been growing in popularity almost as much as savory sushi hybrids. The savory world has gotten the sushi burrito, sushi donut, and sushi sandwich. And then there's poké, which is basically the sushi version of taco salad. 

So what's dessert sushi's claim to fame? It can basically be any sweet flavor combinations, somehow formed to look like sushi, whether it be a roll or sashimi. From fresh fruit to candy to chocolate, the options are only limited by your imagination and creative assembly skills.

Here are some recipes to introduce you to the dessert sushi trend. Once you try it, you'll always want to top off your favorite roll with something sweet. 

Nutella Banana Sushi

cake, chocolate, sweet, cream, pastry
Madeline Leadem

This recipe is about as easy to make as it gets. Even the most amateur of dorm-room chefs can spread Nutella on a tortilla, wrap it around a banana, and slice it up. But the simplicity doesn't mean it doesn't taste delicious. 

Candy Sushi Burrito

rice, vegetable
Hailey Maher

This recipe turns one of the most popular sushi hybrids, the sushi burrito, into a sweet dessert. All you'll need are rice crispies, marshmallows, and your favorite candy. 

Mini Sushi Cakes

This recipe can give you some inspiration for turning plain old cake into an imitation sushi masterpiece. It's so much fun to top off a night of make-your-own sushi and almost too pretty to eat.

Swedish Fish Candy Sushi

candy, sweet, goody, chocolate, sweetmeat, gelatin, cream
Ruby Siegel

If you're looking for a sweet version of nigiri sushi, this is the perfect recipe. Instead of your usual shrimp, fish, or eel topping, you'll ironically use Swedish Fish. 

Crunchy Banana Sushi

This recipe gives several flavor combination ideas for dessert sushi. They all start with a banana and chocolate base. From there, toppings get a little crazy, from crunchy pistachios, to creamy avocado, and even salty bacon.

If you're having a party, this would be a great make-your-own dessert idea. Just set out pre-peeled bananas and chocolate spread, then have toppings in bowls

Sushi with Tobiko

candy, goody, sweet, cake, sweetmeat, chocolate, cream, rice
Katie Zizmor

I've already included a recipe for making nigiri-inspired dessert sushi. Now it's time to get down and dirty with sweet sushi roll imitators. This recipe uses crushed oreos to resemble tobiko and fruit roll ups as imitation seaweed. 

Chocolate Raspberry Sushi Roll

If you're looking for more sophisticated and decadent dessert sushi than just stuffing candy inside a rice crispy treat, this recipe is for you. It uses a classic berry, chocolate, and cheesecake flavor combination in sushi roll style. 


If you really want to keep with the feel of sushi, but with sweet flavors, try using rice pudding in place of rice. In this recipe, it's rolled around fruit with thinly sliced mango to hold it all together. 

Ice Cream Sushi


Sometimes sticking with the basics is the way to go. With this idea, you can get the best of both traditional and trendy desserts. It's ice cream wrapped in cookie dough, then sliced to resemble sushi. Basically an innovative take on the ice cream sandwich, but I'm all for it. 

Sushi Cake Pops

This recipe is a whole lot more straightforward than it sounds. All you have to do is make regular cake pops in whatever flavor is your favorite, then decorate them to look like different sushi. You can get as crazy with toppings as your heart desires. 

Key Lime Pie Sushi

This is a super fun dessert sushi recipe for the summer. As with all of these dessert sushi recipes, it's hand-held and bite-sized so it's the perfect treat to bring to a potluck. It's everything you love about key lime pie rolled up in a cute little sushi roll. 

Matcha Cake Sushi Roll

This recipe is surprisingly easy all the way through for the beautiful result that it creates. It even keeps with a traditional Japanese flavor for the cake, matcha, paired with white chocolate buttercream and a chocolate dipping sauce.

S'mores Sushi

I thought that a recipe that turns a completely American dessert into dessert sushi would be the best way to finish off this list. These rolls are everything you love about s'mores and more because you can eat them with chopsticks. 

As you can see, the flavors and designs of dessert sushi are only limited by your imagination. Hopefully, these recipes can get you started on a long career of rolling up your sweet treats into stunning masterpieces.