We’ve all been there. It’s Sunday night, probably around 9 pm, the food hole in your belly (or for some of us, a seemingly endless black hole) that was once filled from your 6:30 pm dinner is slowly opening back up, and your sweet tooth is aching. As you ponder what could possibly be qualified enough to satisfy your sweet tooth,  the most logical option stands in front of you like a shining prophecy descending from the heavens: frozen yogurt.

It’s no secret that frozen yogurt is the go-to post-dinner, pre-dinner, for dinner, lunch, breakfast and snack option for every sorority girl and grandparent alike, but when faced with the inevitable quest for the perfect froyo combo, I often find myself disappointed. There may be times you find yourself wishing you could create a frozen yogurt perfectly curated to fit what your tastebuds are yearning for, but could never quite master the art. After speaking with several people who share the same #firstworldproblem, it seemed only fitting to come up with a short list of harmonious froyo combos that will take your favorite anytime-meal to the next level.

1. Breakfast for Dessert


Photo by Marlee Goldman

This one should be a no brainer. If you’ve ever met someone who doesn’t love breakfast for every meal of the day please encourage them to reevaluate their priorities- because breakfast rocks and so does froyo. This combination of sugary cereals and raspberry sauce on top of the understated flavor of the vanilla ice cream base does more than just transform your frozen yogurt- it gives you a somewhat socially acceptable breakfast option. (Maybe? Maybe, not. I’ll leave it up to you.)

Froyo Flavor: any variation of vanilla

Toppings: Fruity Pebbles, Captain Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, raspberry sauce

2. Camper’s Snack


Photo by Marlee Goldman

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For anyone that went to camp, it’s a known thing that one of the best parts of the camper experience is all of the junk food you get to consume when your parents aren’t around. Three grilled cheeses for lunch and four mini cream pies for dinner? Sure, why not. YOCO (You Only Camp Once)-or for eleven consecutive summers, but hey, who’s counting? The harmonious marriage of the marshmallow and the graham cracker crumble will take you right back to the campfire with your neon braces and your awkward eleven year old crush by your side.

Froyo flavor: 1/2 chocolate, 1/2 peanut butter swirl

Toppings: graham cracker, chocolate chips, either marshmallow fluff or regular marshmallows, hot fudge, caramel sauce

3. Froyo Salad


Photo by Marlee Goldman

No, I am not saying grab your lettuce cups and throw it atop your frozen treat. I am simply comparing froyo’s salad equivalent to the somewhat healthy version of next-level froyo combos. They say you can’t have your cake (or in this case froyo) and eat it too, but maybe they’re wrong. Perhaps there is a way to be somewhat healthy and still satisfy your sweet craving. The combination of the sophisticated tart flavor mixed with the fresh fruit reassures us that we can in fact act like adults if we want to. Go on and embrace your adult side, and don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you’ve turned into your mom just yet, it simply means your taste buds are slowly maturing.

Froyo flavor: tart or Greek yogurt

Toppings: fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, granola, honey (can sub almond shavings for granola and any other fresh fruit of your liking)

4. PB & J Sammy


Photo by Marlee Goldman

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Unless you were one of the kids with peanut allergies (sorry, friends) or your mom preferred tuna and cold cuts to these two precious condiments, chances are the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich was a staple in your lunchbox throughout most of your elementary school career. Like most nostalgic things, there’s no denying the warm feeling you get biting into a nice pb&j even now. This infusion of your favorite past-time grub with frozen yogurt is likely to leave you reminiscing on the days when lunch was a full period and  your biggest worry was whether or not you would get a spot on the swings at recess.

Froyo flavor: 1/2 raspberry 1/2 peanut butter

Toppings: strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries, mini Reese’s peanut butter cups

5. Morning Cup of Joe


Photo by Marlee Goldman

Maybe your morning espresso didn’t quite give you the jolt you needed to make it through the day. Fear not- for this coffee inspired froyo combo is essentially your favorite caffeinated beverage in a cup (except it’s so much more.) Besides being obviously more delicious than it’s liquid counterpart, you can totally justify skipping your morning cup altogether and subbing in the froyo instead. Your coworkers and friends will all envy you as they sip down their soy lattes and you indulge in this frozen coffee treat. Because like I said, froyo time is anytime.

Froyo flavor: coffee or toffee

Toppings: roasted almonds, heath bar, caramel sauce

Consider yourself well-versed in the art of perfect froyo. With great power comes great responsibility- the responsibility to indulge in more froyo that is. Happy snacking!

Hungry for more sweets?

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