If you made it through Dry January and are looking to keep the sober fun going well into February, there are still many mocktail recipes and N/A canned cocktails to try out. Of course, with Valentine's Day arriving soon, what better way to show your sober curious friends and partner(s) some love than with a beautifully crafted red or pink mocktail? Frankly, nothing pairs better with a chocolate lava cake than a spiritless raspberry mojito. So, whether you're making V-Day dinner at home or heading out to a fancy restaurant, these TikTok Valentine's Day mocktails are the perfect little sweet treats for the romantic holiday. 

The Red Pom

TikTok user @mr.homecafe is capitalizing on the gorgeous winter fruit of the pomegranate for The Red Pom mocktail. Simply add one ounce of pomegranate juice to a shaker with a dash of peach syrup (or preferred fruity syrup) with three ounces of water. Shake with ice, and pour over ice. This subtle pink drink can be topped with rosemary sprigs or fresh pomegranate arils. Plus, you can substitute flat water with flavored sparkling water for an extra fruity kick. 

Shirley's Kiss

User @forktofuel elevated the classic Shirley Temple with this flirty red mocktail. First, you can place your ice in a rocks glass. Then, you'll add in one ounce of grenadine, one ounce of non-alcoholic Bittersweet Aperitivo, and a fresh squeeze of lime juice. Fill the remainder of your glass with sparkling water or soda. Of course, you can make it super Valentine's Day-oriented with a pink sprinkle rim, a few maraschino cherries, heart-shaped ice, and the like.  

Galentine's Mocktail

Of course, you can celebrate V-Day with the girlies with this Galentine's big-batch mocktail. First, head to your local grocery store's frozen section and pick up some raspberry lemonade or pink lemonade concentrate. In a pitcher, add your frozen juice concentrate and two juice containers full of water. Top off your pitcher with lemon-lime soda. Then, in a rocks glass, add a scoop of raspberry sorbet and pour your juice right on top. Garnish with red berries, and you are in for a sweet, alcohol-free treat. 

Simple Strawberry Mocktail

Super simple and super cute, this Valentine's Day mocktail will help you think pink this holiday season. In your favorite cocktail glass, add some heart-shaped strawberry slices. Then, add a one-to-one ratio of lemon sparkling water and pink lemonade over ice. In true @calliegullickson fashion, add some pink edible glitter as you do a little dance. 

Raspberry Mojito Mocktail

Yes, you *can* have an N/A mojito for Valentine's Day this year. Get your muddlers ready, as you'll have to mash a handful of raspberries, limes, and mint in the bottom of your mocktail glass. Then, add two ounces of spiritless rum to your glass and top with soda water. Add simple syrup for extra sweetness if desired. 

Sparkling Mocktail

If you're a vodka cran girlie, you can still get your favorite flavors in this super easy Valentine's Day mocktail. Simply mix equal parts cranberry juice and raspberry sparkling water in a martini glass with a fresh squeeze of lime. Add a lime wedge to your rimmed glass and toast to romance and giant boxes of chocolates.