Winter is coming, and that means so are the holidays. Between Thanksgiving, New Year's, and all the holidays in between, you're definitely going to feel the urge to drink. And what if, after all that drinking, you decided to give it up for the full month of January? Well there's a name for that. It's called Dry January and it's worth trying. What is Dry January? Here's what you should know. 

What Is Dry January?

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Margaret Weinberg

Dry January is when someone takes a break from consuming alcohol for the entire month of January, usually as a follow up to drinking during the holidays. This trend originated in the UK, so it's something we can "blame the Brits" for. While Tonic argues that "no one gives a sh*t about your Dry January status," their argument doesn't stop people from trying it for themselves.

The Benefits of Partaking in Dry January

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Caroline Ingalls

While most people would view the end of January as a plus because it means they can start drinking again, partaking in Dry January does actually have some benefits, including better skin, better sleep, increased energy, fat reduction (especially in your liver), and weight loss.

Although these benefits seem like they'd just be benefits from having a somewhat healthy diet, they're definitely amplified by not drinking. During Dry January, you might wonder if it's worth omitting alcohol for the entire month, but the benefits will completely outweigh any drawbacks that you may be going through from not drinking for an entire month.

Mocktails to Make During Dry January

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Jocelyn Hsu

If you've decided to partake in Dry January, congrats! As an added assist, I can personally suggest some mocktails you'll want to make. Consider making these 21 mocktails during your alcohol-free month. If you're trying to be a gem at the kids' table this year, any of these 7 mocktails will do, too.

Alternatives to Dry January

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Caroline Ingalls

Some people consider partaking in Dry January an unattainable task, and that's fine. To those of you who want to help control your drinking without completely giving it up, there's a different approach called One-Drink January.

One-Drink January is when you can only have one drink the entire month of January, so you have to choose when you want to have it. It's something over which you have complete control, and you still can get all of the benefits of those partaking in Dry January. Essentially, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Whichever option you end up going with, at least consider partaking in Dry January. It might not be the most appealing decision from the get-go or the one that you feel is the most feasible to try, but please do your best keep your options open this holiday season.