There’s nothing I enjoy more than making my friends feel inferior. One of the best ways to do just that is with fancy ice. Why? Well, every time my friends visit my humble abode (just a brownstone, you know how it is), I bring them drinks topped with artisanal ice balls. It’s obvious from the looks on their faces that it’s finally dawning on them, at the sight of my orb-shaped ice cubes with mint sprigs and organic raspberries, that I’ve figured out adulthood while they are still foolish children whose parents will never be proud of “loaning” them money (like mine are). It’s truly as easy as putting homemade fancy ice in a cup of ginger ale to put your friends in a full-on existential crisis, and I need them to feel that way so I can feel like I’m not a complete screw-up.

Whether you’re like me and pursue creative ventures purely for the sake of satiating your fractured ego or you’re a normie who just enjoys making your daily drink magical, fancy ice is for you. The best way to get fancy ice-spiration (see what I just did?…ice pun) is scrolling through #IceTok. On #IceTok, you’ll find videos explaining how to prepare fruit and veggies for their starring role in the ice tray, as well as what types of frozen cubes you should prepare to best complement specific drinks.

How to make your daily routine artisanal with fancy ice

Well, you goofy goober, there are tons of ways to trick out your morning drink routine with fancy ice. For instance, if you’re obsessed with a cup of milky coffee in the morning, consider making ice cups that represent your exact favorite serving of oat milk and lavender syrup, so all you need to do in the morning is brew your coffee and get one of your lavender milk cubes from the fridge for the perfect aesthetic.

Fancy ice is more than just a flex on your friends

Fancy ice is a great way to use up fruit, vegetables, and herbs that are close to kicking the can. Just pop a few slices in the ice tray of that cucumber you bought in a health-focused optimistic fervor a week ago, and you’ve got yourself a Goop-approved lunch.

Too many things go to waste in the back of my fridge, and it’s not from a lack of interest. I just often don’t know how to use my fruit and veg once I’ve made that NYT Times salad recipe. Fancy ice is another amazing way to spruce up your drink routine while reducing waste.