The weather is getting warmer, so for those over the age of 21, it’s time to start getting your Borg ingredients on deck. Unfamiliar with what a Borg is? It's short for blackout rage gallon and is a gallon jug of water partially dumped out and replaced with hard liquor with flavoring like LiquidIV or MiO. You can’t really go wrong with your Borg as long as you have a great name. They are easy, quick, and probably the most fun way to drink and stay somewhat hydrated. For all of my tequila fans, here is a breakdown of the best tequila Borg recipes for your next darty.

#SpoonTip: No matter what you're drinking, make sure to always drink responsibly. Spoon does not promote binge or underage drinking.

Classic Borg with MiO

One of the original, easiest, and pocket-size ingredients is MiO. It blends well if your gallon is a mixture of water and tequila. Squeeze in your preference of MiO, and you’re ready to party. Adding in some MiO Vitamins might aid in helping your next-day hangover. MiO Sport is also great because of the extra electrolytes and B vitamins. MiO original is also a great option if you only want the added flavor. The best MiO flavors for tequila Borg recipes are Fruit Punch, Berry Pomegranate, and Lemonade.

Fruit Punch, aka Material Borg

This classic and simple Borg recipe requires any and all fruit punch flavors. Just grab Fruit Punch MiO with water, tequila, and two Tropical Punch Liquid I.V.

Lemonade Borg

Who doesn’t like lemonade? All you need for this recipe is lemonade MiO with water, tequila, Deep Eddy’s Lemonade, Lemon Lime Liquid I.V., and a Country Time Lemonade packet.

The Borgorita

If you like margaritas, here’s a Borg equivalent from TikTok user @eazy_z. It has the same lime flare but is gallon-sized. All you need is limeade, Blanco tequila, two Prime Lemon Lime flavored hydration sticks, and the juice from two to three limes. If you’re really going for it, feel free to attempt to rim your Borg lid with salt or sugar.

It’s Borg O’Clock Somewhere

This Borg “recipe” is simple and sweet and gives the same vibes as Margaritaville. Tiktoker @Timthetankofficial showcases just how easy it is to make. He used vodka, but I’m sure tequila will be just as great. All you need is Strawberry Watermelon MiO, two hydration packets of your choosing with similar flavors (Liquid I.V. has a strawberry flavor), and a shake. Maybe even throw some strawberry-flavored Malibu rum for a beach-y feel.

Top of the Borg’In

Tiktok user @hannahguerra6 made a birthday Borg, and I'm in love. Instead of vodka, use tequila, Pink Lemonade Crystal Light, Berry Liquid IV, and sugar-free Redbull to kick off your darty.