If you're trying to keep your body feeling healthy and happy, then water is your bae. Water can help you lose weight, keep your skin clear, make your muscles stronger, revitalize your kidneys (in case you decide to play a drinking game that does involve alcohol), and SO much more.

But for a lot of people, drinking the 9-13 cups of water you're supposed to have in a day is a daunting task. To reach our water goal, some friends and I created a drinking game that helped keep our bodies healthy, hydrated, and happy. I share this sacred game with you today so you, too, can enjoy the benefits of a life full of water.

Take a big gulp when:

tea, beer, coffee
Hannah Garey

-Someone mispronounces your name. 

-You trip while you're walking.

-You see a dog on (or off) campus. 

-You realize you didn't do your classwork that's due tomorrow.

Finish a cup when: 

Hannah Garey

-You hear your JAM (no matter where you are—jam is subject to change.

-You eat a snack

-You get out of the shower (it's steamy in there

-You drink a cup of alcohol

Finish a whole bottle when: 

Hannah Garey

-You realize you have a test tomorrow that you haven't studied for at all.

-You skip a class.

-You have an awkward encounter with an ex-friend/significant other.

-Someone cancels plans on you.

Chug half a bottle when:

beer, water
Hannah Garey

-You realize you have an essay due tomorrow that you haven't started on.

-You see someone do something embarrassing and they thought that no one saw it .

-You almost run into somebody else while you're walking.

-You lose your phone. 

Miscellaneous rules: 

herb, tea, cereal, pasture, vegetable, rice
Hannah Garey

-When you get stuck behind a slow walker, count how many seconds you're behind them and then chug for that long.

-Take a sip of water for every minute you're late to class.

-Make up your own rules—choose something that happens to you on a daily basis and chug when it happens.

Of course, part of what makes drinking water so fun is having a fancy water bottle. They're good for the environment and super cute. Check out S'well and Hydroflask's selection of insulated water bottles that'll keep your hot stuff hot and your cold stuff cold.

Or if you want a bottle that'll show you what you're drinking, check out BKR's glass water bottles. And of course there's always the classic Nalgene. But no matter what bottle you choose, always remember to treat your body right and give it plenty of water.