ChatGPT is the artificial intelligence site that makes any request its command… well, kind of. Artificial intelligence is great, but I wanted to put it to the ultimate test by seeing if it could generate a borg recipe.

Wait, what is a borg again?

Not to be confused with the aliens from Star Trek, borg is short for “blackout rage gallon.” Whether you’re at the beach or a darty, borgs can be customized to the occasion for folks 21+. 

Asking ChatGPT for borg recipes

Wanting to get some new recipes for the upcoming spring break and St. Patrick’s Day, I ran a quick trial by simply entering “borg recipe,” and ChatGPT was stumped. It kept telling me, “I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, I cannot provide suggestions that promote or encourage excessive drinking or harmful behavior.” Fair enough, but as a responsible person over the age of 21, I wanted to figure this out. After trying the “borg alcohol recipe,” I resorted to throwing in a “gallon jug alcohol,” and we hit gold!

First, I went for a basic recipe that I could customize. My AI friend suggested full bottles of vodka, rum, gin, triple sec, and fruit slices with a gallon of fruit punch. For a simple concoction, this sounded like a great start for a borg recipe.

Then, I went for some seasonal recipes for St. Patrick's Day by searching “st. patty’s gallon jug.” In full green spirit, there was green fruit punch, vodka, rum, green apple schnapps, blue curacao, and fruit slices. It suggested sharing the gallon jug with others but up to the user's choice.

Another recipe it suggested was “Borg Queen’s Irish kiss cocktail.” It has Irish whiskey, Bailey’s Irish cream, and green créme de menthe, with optional green food coloring and mint leaves.

It even suggested an alcohol-free borg recipe. I was confused but still invested to explore this blackout-free option. It included a “Borg's Green Tea Latte” with almond milk, green tea, and vanilla extract but didn’t include the iconic gallon jug. It also suggested a borg-inspired mocktail made with blueberries, honey, and sparkling water. “This drink is perfect for those who want to enjoy a refreshing and delicious drink without alcohol,” it wrote. “The blueberries give it a beautiful color that resembles a cocktail, but it's completely booze-free!”

Asking ChatGPT for borg names

Next, I just wanted some fun names for my borg without the recipes. Here’s what I got.

“Here are a few name ideas for your ‘blackout rage gallon’ that are fun and creative:

The Fury Flask

The Intensity Infusion

The Rampage Reservoir

The Aggression Amphora

The Blitz Bottle

The Frenzy Flask

The Outburst Ounce

The Spree Surge

The Onslaught Olla

The Unleash Urn"

I also asked ChatGPT for names for a spring break borg. My favorites were the Sunburn Sipper and Spring Smash.

ChatGPT is great for many things, but maybe not for a borg recipe. Borg might just be too simple for the smart technology. After all, there isn’t really a science to a borg other than grabbing a lot of bottles and pouring.