A university student has full permission to go all out two days of the year; Homecoming and St. Patrick's Day. Since Homecoming has come and gone, and midterms are upon us, we all know every kid in the student district is counting down until the second best day of the year. We're sure you already have your outfit planned, your friends are on their way, and your house is decked out in St. Paddy's spirit, but are you ready to get your drink on? Raise a glass, get out that food colouring, and get ready to whip up some green drinks to celebrate!

#SpoonTip: Please drink responsibly and follow the drinking laws in your province/state.

1. The Irish Flag 

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than to tip our hats to the Irish with this delicious shot. Use 1/3 part Green Creme de Menthe on the bottom, layer 1/3 Baileys Irish Cream, and top it off with 1/3 Grand Marnier—you'll end up with an Irish flag to cheers away.

2. Shamrock Juice Cocktail 

Why not get lucky with this fruity and tasty ode to the Irish? Shamrock juice is composed of 1/2 ounces (each) of gin, white tequila, light rum, and vodka, 1 ounce of blue curaçao, and 4 ounces of orange juice. Give it a good mix and all our flavours blend together to bring you a bright, emerald green drink. Top it off with a slice of orange and you're ready to go.

3. Skittles Vodka

If you're balling on a budget and would rather not spend hundreds of dollars on all sorts of alcohol, this drink is for you. Mixing a childhood favourite with an adult favourite is the way to go this St. Patrick's Day. Drop some green apple skittles into a bottle of vodka, and let sit for a few days. Once the candy coating has melted away, strain the leftovers and you'll have an apple-ly vodka that's bright green.

4.   Sparkling Shamrock

Start the drinks off with this classy mix on sparkling ice. Combine 5 ounces of Sparkling Ice lemon-lime, 1 1/2 ounces of white rum, 6 mint leaves and a slice of lime, and voila! A sparkling delicious refreshment for your day.

5. Grasshopper

Mix up a classic choice of drink for your next St. Paddy's slurp, and try a Grasshopper. Made by combining 1 ounce (each) white creme de cacao, green creme de menthe, and heavy cream, combine all the ingredients into a shaker and have at it. Strain into a glass and enjoy! 

6. Appletini

Why not go classic again with the throwback choice of an appletini? Just grab 1.5 ounces of vodka, 0.75 ounces (each) of lemon juice, apple liquor, and apple juice, and 0.25 ounces of simple syrup. Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail tin, shake with ice and serve with a slice of apple on the side. The appletini is sure to please any drink lover.

7. Green Lizard Shot 

Why not finish off with a funky green drink to throw back? For your final shot, try the Green Lizard Shot! This shot is made up of 1 ounce of chartreuse (green) and 1/2 ounce of rum. Mix the two parts well, pour them into some shot glasses, and cheers away.

Whether you're Irish or not, St. Patricks Day is celebrated everywhere in all different ways. Get into the spirit and rock your green all day long in food, clothes, and drinks. Try your luck on some of our recipes, make some of your own, and get your green on! Maybe they're the pot of gold you're looking for.