NBC's “This is Us” has become one of the most talked about—and cried over—shows on television. It's perfect to watch with friends and become emotionally attached to fictional characters. Seriously, you will consider yourself a member of the Pearson family. 

Whether you get laughed at for crying so much (speaking from experience) or everyone watching cries together, kleenex can only help so much. Sometimes, shoving comfort food in your mouth is the only thing that works. So, I found 5 recipes that I think reflect the Big 3 and their parents.

WARNING: Spoilers (Only small ones, I promise) and MANY feelings ahead.

Jack Pearson: Bacon Cheeseburger Bomb

cheese, egg, bacon
Maxwell Faucher

As many fans know, bacon cheeseburgers are what Jack and Rebecca eat each year on Valentine's Day. These bite size beauties are perfect to eat while you wish that Jack was your dad and husband (confusing feelings). This recipe matches Milo Ventimiglia's character because, like bacon cheeseburgers, he is classic and beloved by almost all meat-eaters. ;) 

Rebecca Pearson: Yogurt Container Cake

milk, lemon, sweet, cream
Lexi Godfrey

This recipe is a spinoff of a traditional french yogurt cake and reminded me of the thrown together Twinkie cake Rebecca made for Jack's birthday. This cake doesn't require any measuring cups (or a trip to the gas station while pregnant) and only takes 30 minutes. The final product is sweet and if lemon is added, it gives some zest, similar to Rebecca's caring but bold personality. 

Kevin Pearson: Spicy Chili Fries

salt, potato, french fries
Chelsea Hawk

Including the adorable plot twist landing him in a diner eating loaded fries with his ex-wife, Sophie; any fried food makes me think of Kevin. Even though he works out all the time, he doesn't seem like the type to focus on nutritious decisions.  The spice also matches Kevin because of the fire in his belly to change his whole career and move across the country.

Kate Pearson: Healthy Zucchini Pizza Boats

vegetable, pizza, tomato, cheese
Jackie Kuczynski

On "This Is Us," Kate's biggest goal is to lose weight, which is why I chose a comfort food on the healthier side. Similar to this dish, Kate reminds me of someone I've known forever (pizza), but each episode teaches me something new about her (pizza on top of zucchini in boat form). This healthy recipe creates my favorite scenario: eating a ton of pizza without feeling guilty after.

Randall Pearson: Vegan Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

mousse, dairy product, yogurt, cappuccino, sweet, chocolate, coffee, pudding, cream, milk
Rachel Dyckman

This does seem like a breakfast or post-workout only snack, but would Randall let himself binge on anything more unhealthy than a smoothie? Randall's drive and will power are a huge part of his character, which is why this smoothie seems like an ideal comfort food to sip while crying over an episode. Plus, skipping the protein part is totally an option if you don't want that!

I hope these recipes made you miss TV's favorite family and very hungry. So, go cry your eyes out and re-watch every episode! Just try not to get too many tears in your bacon cheeseburger bombs.