The OC, aka the best show ever. Even though the show is officially over a decade old (feel ancient yet?), it's still the best to binge watch every holiday season. Here are 21 foods to make to fuel your OC marathon.

These recipes will truly have you humming "California, here we come, right back where we started from...

1. Bagels

bagel, salmon, cucumber, cheese, salad, tomato, lettuce, bread, cream cheese
Christina Warner

A breakfast staple in the Cohen home. Make your own homemade bagels with this recipe. Add sesame seeds if you want to make Sandy extra happy.

2. Pancakes

sweet, pancake, oatmeal
Emma Lally

What would breakfast be at The Pier Diner without pancakes? Make these oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes for a perfect not-too-sweet but still decadent breakfast, just like you'd find at PD.

3. Oats

sweet, cereal, milk, blueberry, muesli, oatmeal, porridge, berry, yogurt, granola
Becky Hughes

In honor of Captain Oats. Duh.

4. Mulled Wine

Daniel Schuleman

J. Coop loves her vino. You will too with this festive mulled wine

5. Tacos

tacos, vegetable, chili, bread, tomato, lettuce
Katherine Baker

From the Hangin' Tacos street cart, obvi. Give these Black Bean and Butternut Squash Tacos a whirl for a fun new twist on Taco Tuesday.

6. Mac'n'cheese

Eileen Wang

Because when Marissa invites you over to help babysit Caitlin, you have two options: mac'n'cheese or Mac'n'cheese. 

7. Chicken Parm

chicken, meat, sauce, vegetable
Gina Marcucci

Because Jimmy said the Lighthouse had the best chicken parm in the OC.

8. Meatloaf

Morgan Willie

Sandy's mom and Jimmy's mom's recipes are both on the Lighthouse menu. Even if your mom is far away, you can make your own mini version with this Mini Meatloaf Bites recipe

9. Peanut Butter Cup Pie

Julia Murphy

If it can bring Anna back to Pittsburgh, it must be good. Bake one up with this recipe and tear over "The Goodbye Girl," season 1.

10. In'N'Out Animal Style Fries

sauce, pasta, poutine, cheese, gravy, french fries, meat, white sauce
Nicole Albanese

Marissa and Ryan ate In'N'Out on one of their first dates. You can make your own In'n'Out Animal Style Fries with this recipe.

11. Citrus Beet Salad

salad, beet salad, beet, vegetable, onion, lettuce, cheese
Alyssa Cronin

Marrissa's 2004 New Year's Resolution was to eat more veggies. Or at least that's what she told Oliver in "The Countdown." This 5-minute Citrus Beet Salad would entice her to start going in the right direction.

12. A Cinnamon Roll

cinnamon, cinnamon roll
Maddie Cole

To celebrate Teresa's days at Balboa bakery, make these banana bread cinnamon rolls at home

13. Zucchini Pizza Boats

pizza, pepperoni, cheese, tomato, salami, vegetable
Jackie Kuczynski

Delicious edible pizza boats. Because Summer don't cry over bitches on boat.  

14. Homemade Chinese Take-Out

vegetable, pasta, sauce, meat, tomato, cheese
Ashton Caudle

Chinese Take-Out is a go-to in the Cohen home. Whether it's for a Friday night, or a saving a Thanksgiving fail, moo shu hits the spot for the Cohen fam.

15. Cereal

cereal, milk, pouring milk, bowl of cereal, Cheerios, breakfast
Jocelyn Hsu

According to Seth, 'mom can't even make cereal', but we know from the show that it's a morning staple in the Cohen home (when breakfast isn't bagels).

16. Cilantro Avocado Dip

vegetable, guacamole, herb
Mary Schoneman

Serve this Light and Tangy Cilantro Avocado Dip to Caleb if you want to piss him off.

17. Ding Dongs (Well, Peanut Butter Swiss Rolls Since Marissa Hates Them)

chocolate, cake, cream
Mireille Heidbreder

One of the two options in the vending machine at the motel on the way to Tijuana was Ding Dongs.

18. Cheese Sticks

chicken, meat, sweet, vegetable, seafood
Alex Waxenbaum

More for Marissa, because she really hates Ding Dongs. Make these Goldfish-Crusted Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese sticks and feel like a vending machine extraordinaire

19. Fish

salmon, lemon, grilled salmon
Jessica Yu

Seth and Summer's first time was famously described as "fish sex." 

20. Peach Lemon Butter Cake (in honor of 'Peaches')

cake, sweet, lemon, chocolate, bread, pastry
Max Bartick

In honor of Taylor Townsend's nickname, given by her French lover, this Peach Lemon Butter Cake will make a très chic addition to your next OC viewing party.

21. Orange Ginger Smoothie

milk, juice, sweet, cream, yogurt
Jake Popescu

Because what OC round-up would be complete without an orange recipe? This smoothie will have you screaming "Welcome to the OC bitch!"