There's no better time than Valentine's Day to show your partner how much you care by making a heartfelt homemade meal. My sister's boyfriend recently went vegan, and she doesn't really like to cook. Luckily, there are lots of easy vegan Valentine's Day recipes they can make together. If you're going for really easy, you can just buy some of your partner's favorite vegan candies. However, if you really want to impress without much difficulty, these recipes are the way to go. 


Strawberry and Beet Pancakes

Kristine Mahan

Since strawberries are a natural aphrodisiac, their addition makes these pancakes the perfect way to start your vegan Valentine's Day. 

Galaxy Donuts

doughnut, chocolate, blueberry
Julia Benson

Donuts are an indulgent breakfast worthy of an indulgent Valentine's Day. The galaxy marbled effect is gorgeous, but to make these vegan donuts even more suitable for Valentine's day, you can swirl natural dyes that are the traditional Valentine's day colors instead of galaxy colors for a beautiful effect. 


sweet, berry, cream, pastry, cake
Emma Brant

Waffles have seen a huge resurgence since their starring role in Stranger Things. Eggo's aren't the most romantic V-Day breakfast, but you can easily make your own vegan waffles. Experiment with the toppings to create something truly unique.


pastry, sweet, bread, cake, dough
Shannon Peters

Paris is the city of romance, and these crepes will make you feel like you're in a cute café with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Although these breakfast delights may seem complicated,  they're actually pretty simple and sure to impress your S.O.

Cinnamon Rolls

pastry, sweet, cinnamon, dough, bread, cake
Kyrstie Brown

If my boyfriend were to make me breakfast on Valentine's Day, I'd want cinnamon rolls (hint hint). To make these vegan cinnamon rolls even better, throw in some raisins for added texture and flavor.


Vegan Curry

vegetable, legume
Kierri Price

Since you've likely had sugar for breakfast, balancing it out with some spice for lunch is the perfect route. You can also add some extra chili to this easy curry to get things really spicy. 


vegetable, tomato, pepper, corn
Olivia Wassén

Quesadillas may be easy, but they're also one of the ultimate comfort foods. Load it up with your S.O.'s favourite toppings to create a lunch that can't be beat. 

Carrot Soup

Alexandra Kazimir

Nothing makes you feel warm inside like a good soup or cuddling with your partner. You can do both on Valentine's day with this veggie-filled vegan carrot soup. 

Tofu Scramble

vegetable, pepper, onion, meat, saute, carrot
Kimberly Kao

Scrambles don't only have to be for breakfast. This nutritious scramble is easy to make, easy to eat, and an easy way to please your S.O. The best part is you can mix up scrambles with whatever ingredients you want. 

Vegan Pesto Pasta

vegetable, pasta, spaghetti, sauce
Brooke Daly

I've never met anyone who doesn't love pasta. Add some pesto and it may as well be date night in Italy. This light pesto pasta is the perfect way to hold your over for a fancy dinner and dessert. 


Mac and Cheese

cream, pasta
Eileen Wang

Nothing says "I love you" more than some creamy, homemade mac and cheese. To make it even better, this recipe can be made in only five steps. Add a dash of smoked paprika on top for a touch of that beautiful Valentine's Day red. 


tomato, hamburger, lettuce, cheese
Angela Kerndl

There's nothing more impressive than a juicy burger, especially when it's vegan. These vegan burgers are sure to impress any date that you may be entertaining and will likely be a recipe you continue to use in the future. 


Arianna Kotlier

This lasagna's vivid red colour makes it the perfect meal for a vegan Valentine's Day. To make it even better, this dish yields leftovers for days to come. You won't have to cook again for the rest of the week. 


avocado, guacamole, tacos, vegetable
Alyssa Cronin

There's nothing more fun and versatile than a food that's build-your-own. You can use quinoa as the faux meat like in this taco recipe or you can make your own faux meat. 

Carrot Osso Buco

This carrot osso buco manages to be both comfort food and a very refined dish at the same time, making it the perfect meal to wow your date on Valentine's day. Even better, you can make it ahead so that you can spend more time with your S.O.


Chocolate Tart

chocolate, sweet, cream, cake, pie, pastry, mousse, cheesecake, custard, tart, brownie, candy
Phillip Massey

Although this chocolate tart takes a while to make, the steps are all super simple. That chocolatey flavor is the perfect treat for Valentine's Day. The fact that it's made from roasted cacao nibs is sure to impress your date even more. 

Mini Vegan Cheesecakes

Emily Gordon

There's nothing quite as cute as a mini dessert. From the red raspberries on top, to the subtle pink color of the cheesecake, these cheesecake bites ticks every box for a vegan Valentine's Day. 

Chocolate Truffles

Julia Maguire

Truffles are one of the classiest desserts you can make with chocolate. They also fit the same mini dessert category as the mini cheesecakes. If you don't know which chocolates are vegan, here's a helpful list. 

Rose and Raspberry Jello Shots

berry, sweet, raspberry, strawberry, jam
Amanda Widom

You're likely going to be drinking anyways, so why not combine alcohol, fun, and dessert on Valentine's Day? These rose and raspberry jello shots manage to be classy yet childish at the same time, which is the dream. 

Chocolate Beet Cake

chocolate, sweet, cream, cake, pastry, dairy product, mousse, candy
Rael Hanus

Chocolate cake may be pretty traditional for Valentine's Day, but sometimes traditional is the way to go. This chocolate beet cake will ensure that vegans can stay with the classics as well this holiday. 

Whether you, your partner, or both of you are vegan, these recipes make sure that nobody will end Valentine's Day disappointed. Some recipes are classic while some are out there, but with all these ideas for all these meals, being vegan on Valentine's Day is never going to hold you back.