Whether you’re a life long vegan, new to the animal-free lifestyle, or  like Beyoncé, who took on the 22 Days Nutrition vegan challenge — are health conscious and seeking a more sustainable diet, this delicious cake will restore your faith in plant-based eating and give you a guilt-free alternative to unhealthy desserts.

For many people, the idea of removing all animal products from their diet seems dramatic, unnecessary and, honestly, not very tasty. But the reality of veganism is that the alternatives to animal products are literally endless, and far more beneficial to the animals, the planet, and your health.

A plant-based diet challenges you to look at food in a new way, and you’ll soon discover that the possible uses for fruits and vegetables are limitless. Take beets for example. I bet you never thought of putting them in a cake before, but if you learn how to cook beets correctly, the amount of delicious recipes and healthy meals you can create is infinite.

If you’re still not convinced that going vegan is worth the sacrifice, here’s a list of 42 health benefits of going vegan which range from weight loss and glowing skin to disease prevention and relief from symptoms associated with pre-existing health issues.

But don’t take my word for it. Experience this luscious, decadent chocolate vegan cake for yourself, and enjoy the wonders of a delicious and guilt-free diet. The sweet juice and smooth texture of the beets make this cake ridiculously moist.

And sure, the idea of putting vegetables grown in the dirt into a cake doesn’t sound that great, but I swear on Jay-Z’s life that you can’t taste the beets. Just the delicious, moist and chocolatey heaven that is this cake. And since there’s vegetables in it, you can feel good about eating it at all hours of the day, not just for dessert.

This cake will have you drunk in love, especially knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of this flawless dessert.

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