The 4th of July is often associated with BBQs filled with meaty burgers and mayo-covered side salads. But not anymore. These 19 vegan 4th of July recipes are so scrumptious and satisfying that even die-hard carnivores won't miss a thing.

So make your next patriotic party a plant-based celebration with these easy and delicious vegan 4th of July recipes. Your tastebuds, wallet, and the planet will thank you. 

1. Black Bean Sweet Potato Veggie Burger

cheese, lettuce, hamburger, tomato
Angela Kerndl

Because what's a 4th of July BBQ without burgers? This is a scrumptious meat-free burger.

2. Spicy Chickpea Burgers with Shoestring Sweet Potato Fries

bread, sandwich, salad, vegetable, lettuce, cheese
Charlotte Cohen

If black beans aren't your thing, give this veggie burger a whirl. Swap mayo for vegan mayo and you're good to go. 

3. Easy Homemade Pico

salad, cheese, vegetable, pepper, tomato
Katherine Baker

This super easy DIY fresh salsa recipe is perfect for your appetizer spread.

4. Chunky Guac

onion, corn, chili, sauce, salsa, pepper, tomato, vegetable, guacamole
Parisa Soraya

Every BBQ needs some guac. Find out how to make the best guacamole you've ever had with this winning recipe.

5. Beet Burgers

Alexis Clark

Made with beets, these burgers are red on the inside. Try this unique veggie burger recipe filled with beets and no meats.

6. Vegan Mac 'N Cheese

pasta, cream
Eileen Wang

Every party needs a noodle dish, and this rich and creamy mac 'N cheese does the trick.

7. Simple Berry Salad

mint, salad, berry, strawberry
Hannah Lin

Hello, patriotic-colored fruit and fancy refreshing mint. Get ready to taste your new favorite fruit salad.

8. Easy and Delicious Tomato Cucumber Salad

tomato, vegetable, cucumber, pepper, salad
Lynden Orr

This cucumber tomato and basil salad is mighty fresh.

9. Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries

sweet, fish, carrot, seafood, vegetable
Jocelyn Hsu

Because every BBQ needs something potato. Make these yummy oven-baked sweet potato fries and be the talk of the town.

10. Mexican Corn Salad

vegetable, corn
Sarah Morrissey

No corny jokes here. Just a delicious protein-packed side salad filled with Mexican flavors. Tastes great with homemade chips, too.

11. BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

Abi Scott

Even meat-lovers will think this tangy sweet and spicy jackfruit faux-meat is pulled pork. Put it on some buns and get your sandwich on. 

12. Watermelon Mint Smoothie

melon, sweet, juice, watermelon
Kathleen Lee

So seasonally appropriate. Mint and watermelon make for one of the most refreshing drinks you'll want to make all summer long.

13. Flag-Shaped Fruit Sticks

candy, sweet, chocolate, cheesecake, strawberry, cake
Mira Nguyen

Totes adorbs. Strawberries, bananas, and blueberries come together for a flag fiesta of fruit.

14. Cucumber, Avocado & Tomato Salad

onion, cucumber, pepper, tomato, lettuce, vegetable, salad
Sydney Toth

A lovely refreshing salad. The avocado adds richness to fresh herbs, cucumbers, and tomatoes in this yummy side dish.

15. Chickpea Mushroom Burger

butter, chicken, peanut
Kristi Cook

These tasty mushroom-packed vegan burgers are an umami flavor bomb.

16. Red, White & Blue Soda

cocktail, ice, juice, strawberry, mint, sweet, lemonade
Mira Nguyen

Up your party game with this red, white, and blue soda. So festive and fun!

17. Vegan Ice Cream

dairy, ice, sweet, dairy product, milk, cream
Kristine Mahan

What's the 4th of July without ice cream? Celebrate with this easy churn-free and dairy-free ice cream.

18. Vegan Fruit Tart 

berry, pie, cake, tart
 Natalie Van Burnt

If this dessert doesn't scream 4th of July, I don't know what does. Learn how to make this vegan berry-covered fruit tart with a cashew-base.

19. Vegan Whipped Cream

pastry, dairy product, sweet, cake, jam, berry, shortcake, cream, strawberry
Kristine Mahan

For the fruit salad (and to put on everything else). Make your own whipped cream with zero dairy and tons of flavor.

Whether you're hosting a meat-free BBQ or simply looking to switch up the side dish you bring to a summer gathering, these easy vegan 4th of July recipes are so good everyone will be asking for seconds.