Quinoa: the trendy superfood that has taken over the planet. You might have seen quinoa (pronounced 'KEEN-wah') on the shelves of your grocery store, or come across a few vegan quinoa recipes on Pinterest. This gluten-free grain kind of looks like couscous, but don't be fooled; one cup of quinoa packs 25 grams of protein, which is half of the protein that an active 20-year-old woman needs in a day. A cup also contains 12 grams of fibre, as well as many nutrients.

As a vegetarian that follows a mostly vegan diet, quinoa is my holy grail. These vegan quinoa recipes are filled with protein, which means that I can enjoy lunch without having to track nutrients all afternoon (which, you know, sucks). Whether you're a quinoa noob or a long-time fan, these recipes will give you some unique ideas of how to incorporate more quinoa into your life.

1. Coconut & Quinoa Black Bean Stew

black beans, soup, meat, vegetable
Keah Hansen

Between the quinoa and the black beans, this stew packs a serious protein punch. If your stomach growls in class, try this for lunch. You'll be full until dinner.

2. 3-Ingredient Pizza Crust

tomato, pizza, mozzarella, basil
Alex Frank

Domino's, move over. It takes less time to throw this quinoa pizza together than it does to wait forty minutes for your delivery to arrive. 

3. Cinnamon Apple and PB Breakfast Bowl

milk, sweet, oatmeal, rice, porridge
Christin Urso

Swap the tablespoon of butter for margarine and you've got yourself a bowl of vegan, cinnamon-y goodness. It's like apple crumble for breakfast.

4. Apple-Citrus Quinoa Salad

sweet, pasture, juice, apple
Jenny Georgieva

This 5-ingredient recipe is a lifesaver for those days when you're too lazy to cook. All you need is quinoa, apples, spinach, and oranges.

5. Chocolate Quinoa Squares

goody, cake, coffee, candy, sweet, chocolate
Lily Lou

What's better than quinoa for dessert, you ask? A quinoa dessert made with only three ingredients.

6. Lemon Quinoa With Peas

pea, vegetable, legume, pasture, snap pea, snow pea
Spoon University

This quinoa made with fresh lemons, peas, and pine nuts is perfect for summer dinners when you want something light. 

7. Coconut-Banana Breakfast Bowl

vegetable, dairy product, sweet
Jill Langin

If there's something better than quinoa, peanut butter, and banana, I haven't discovered it yet. It's a good thing that this recipe serves one because I won't be sharing.

8. Chickpea and Avocado Quinoa Salad

salad, buckwheat, chickpeas, vegetable, couscous, quinoa
Caitlin Wolper

This salad wouldn't look out of place at a posh spa. With avocados and chickpeas, it's basically like eating a homemade face mask.

9. Blueberry-Almond Butter Breakfast Cups

beef, pastry, meat, cake, dairy product, sweet
Raigon Wilson

If you're a fan of muffins for breakfast, then try ditching the oats for quinoa. These are great for those early-morning classes when you don't have time to whip up a fancy breakfast.

10. Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

rice, pineapple, corn
Kyndra McKenzie

If your cafeteria offers quinoa for breakfast (#jealous), then skip the toast and try this breakfast bowl instead. If you're vegan, make sure to swap coconut yogurt for the Greek yogurt.

11. Warm Quinoa Salad with Cumin-Lime Vinaigrette

onion, risotto, cereal, rice, couscous, vegetable, parsley
Julia Maguire

With lime, cilantro, raisins, and almonds, this quinoa salad is a flavor explosion. Plus, the array of colors makes it totally Insta-worthy.

12. Pesto Caprese Quinoa

cherry, quinoa, couscous
Jody Brimacombe

It's okay if you can't afford to go on holiday this summer because this pesto caprese quinoa will transport you straight to Italy

13. Chocolate Banana Breakfast Bowl

pudding, milk, banana, chocolate, dairy product, cream, sweet
Caitlyn Heter

If you were the kind of kid that considered cocoa puffs a food group, then this chocolate banana breakfast bowl is for you. If you're vegan, swap the honey for maple syrup.

14. Quinoa Chipotle Bowl

pepper, couscous, meat, vegetable, quinoa, rice
Julie Goldstein

Honestly, quinoa meeting Tex Mex is better than the time that the Queen met Pope Francis. Chipotle gets a makeover with this take on the classic burrito bowl

15. Pumpkin Spice Granola

corn, milk, sweet, cereal
Maggie Gorman

As a basic white girl that loves a good PSL, this quinoa brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Can it be autumn already?

16. Crispy Garlic Quinoa Broccoli

kale, cabbage, vegetable, broccoli
Jenny Georgieva

This recipe proves that even broccoli can taste good. Experience the magic yourself by coating broccoli in garlic, soy sauce, and quinoa, then roasting it in the oven.

17. Thai Quinoa Bowl with Curry Coconut Dressing

pepper, corn, tomato, vegetable, salad
Sydney Toth

Now that Brangelina have split, there's a new super(food) couple in town. Kale and quinoa make the perfect duo in this salad bowl packed with veggies.

Whether you're a yoga-fiend or a frat boy, these vegan quinoa recipes have something for everyone. Don't be afraid to get creative with it. Breakfast or dinner, sweet or savory; quinoa can do it all