Now's the time for extensive baking sessions, Christmas present shopping, and, of course, excessive amounts of candy canes. If you're like me, you'll definitely end up with lots of extra candy canes laying around your house. And, honestly, you'll probably never eat them all on your own. To use up those delicious peppermint treats, make one (or more!) of these 15 candy cane recipes.

1. No-Bake Candy Cane Truffles

chocolate, candy, cake
Erica Coulter

These candy cane truffles are perfect for all you non-bakers. These cheap and easy treats are perfect for any DIY-er this holiday season.

2. Candy Cane S'mores

chocolate, cream, cannoli, sweet, candy, cake, goody, pastry
Dara Ades

Add a twist to the classic s'more with candy canes.  Perfect if you're missing out on those late night campfires with friends. They're extremely simple and only take five minutes to make.

3. Candy Cane Bark

chocolate, cake, peppermint, cookie
Dylan Barth

Peppermint bark is a holiday season staple. Make your own candy cane bark and, check out these tricks to make the your peppermint bark the best.

4. Oreos with Candy Cane Cream

macaron, chocolate, macaroon
Kelly McAdam

Yes, you could just buy peppermint Oreos, but where's the fun in that? Impress your guests with these candy cane-dipped Oreos instead.

5. Candy Cane Puppy Chow

candy, sweet, chocolate, marshmallow, cookie, beignets
Meredith Ross

FYI, this is for humans not dogs. Puppy chow (aka muddy buddies, monkey munch, or reindeer food) makes the perfect snack, and now you have a great excuse to use up that copious supply of candy canes.

6. Candy Cane Caramel Apples

chocolate, cake, ice, strawberry
Taylor Villanueva

Caramel apple season isn't over yet! A great pick me up or the perfect gift, try making your own candy cane caramel apples this holiday season.

7. Leftover Candy Cookies

cream, sweet, cake, chocolate, dairy product, pastry, candy
Margaret Weinberg

The name says it all. Use all your extra candy to make these easy, no-bake cookies. Just leave them in an unheated oven overnight for a pleasant surprise in the morning.

8. Boozy Peppermint Hot Chocolate 

cream, chocolate, milk, sweet, coffee, hot chocolate, whipped cream, candy, ice, goody
Julia Muro

Taking a break from the sweet desserts, relive your childhood memories while turning up with this boozy peppermint hot chocolate. Spike your favorite holiday drink with some peppermint schnapps this winter.

9. Peppermint Christmas Cookies

Dara Ades

You can never have enough Christmas cookies. Chocolate meets peppermint for this killer Christmas cookie.

10. Peppermint Oreo Cupcakes

cream, cupcake, chocolate, sprinkles, cake, candy, buttercream
Morgan Willie

These cookies and cream cupcakes topped with Oreos and peppermint will get you in the Christmas spirit.

11. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites

chocolate, truffle, candy
Ariel Coonin

The best part of baking is eating the dough. This cookie dough recipe combines everyone's favorites: hot chocolate, cookie dough, and candy canes. You can't go wrong!

12. Homemade Holiday Marshmallows

chocolate, candy, goody, cream, milk, fudge, sweet, peppermint, sweetmeat
Ethan Cappello

Nothing says festive like homemade marshmallows, chocolate, and candy canes. Get in the holiday spirit with these homemade holiday marshmallows. Your next cup of hot chocolate will have you feeling extra festive.

13. Candy Cane Kiss Peppermint Cupcake Brownies

chocolate, cream, cupcake, brownie, peppermint, sprinkles
Roann Pao

Candy canes, a cupcake, and a brownie? Count me in! Take a shot at making these candy cane kiss peppermint cupcake brownies. You won't regret it.

14. Holiday Popcorn

popcorn, corn, cereal
Brooke Gillman

The perfect sweet and savory combo, this holiday popcorn will only take you about 20 minutes to make. And you can use microwave popcorn, so easy!

15. Candy Cane Macarons

Macarons can be difficult to master at first, but if you're dedicated you'll love these candy cane macarons. 

All of these candy cane recipes give you a perfect excuse to use all of the extra sweets lying around your house and share them with your friends and family. You can't go wrong with any of them! Which one will you try?