You wait all year for Christmas dinner, and the pressure is on to make it as cheerful, merry, and special as possible. Basically, it’s time to live inside your favorite Christmas special. Bring any of these dishes to your Christmas dinner to reenact your favorite holiday stories.

Breakfast Pizza Inspired by Elf

If you could sum up Christmas in one movie, it would be Elf. If you want your Christmas dinner to embody the childhood innocence and joy of the film, make Buddy’s breakfast pasta for dessert. The quirky treat will be sure to put a smile on your family’s faces.

Roast Beef Inspired by How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Michael Garrett

No one wants a Grinch at Christmas dinner. If you want your guest's hearts to grow three sizes, try this amazingly simple roast beef recipe and instantly spread Christmas cheer.

Sweet Spiced Nuts Inspired by The Nutcracker

cereal, meat, chocolate, sweet, nut
Ellen Bartolino

Chances are, you’ve either danced your way to the theatre to see the Nutcracker, or someone has dragged you to the show. Either way, it’s hard to deny the magic of watching the nutcracker prince dance across the stage. Bring that magic to your Christmas dinner with some delicious sugar spiced nuts.

Reindeer Chow Inspired by Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer 

The most exciting thing about Christmas is a visit from Santa Clause. And who can you thank for helping St. Nick navigate his sleigh? Good 'ole Rudolph. Bring some reindeer chow to your party—it’ll go down in history, just like Rudolph.

Chicken Drumsticks Inspired by The Little Drummer Boy 

chicken, chicken wings, Bowl
Casey Tang

If you’re looking for a classic Christmas, it’s time to bring out the ultimate entree. Make these juicy chicken drumsticks to embody the simple joy of the Little Drummer Boy.

Homemade Ice Cream Inspired by Frosty the Snowman 

milk, sweet, dairy product, cream, mango, ice cream, Bowl
Sam Jesner

Everyone wants their Christmas dinner to be jolly and happy, so it’s time to embody the fairytale of Frosty the Snowman. He was made of snow, so try your hand at homemade ice cream for a dessert that will leave everyone saying, “Look at Frosty go!”

Peppermint Christmas Cookies Inspired by A Charlie Brown Christmas  

MaryKate Lampron

It’s not really a holiday without a visit from the Peanuts gang. Pay homage to your favorite character, Peppermint Patty, with these fabulous peppermint Christmas cookies.

Turkey Inspired by Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas 

Who better embodies the joy of Christmas than Mickey Mouse? Maybe Daisy Duck. Recreate this adorable scene from Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas by making a fresh turkey for your dinner this year.

Duck Breast Salad Inspired by A Christmas Story 

A Christmas Story is the definition of a Christmas classic. Recreate a favorite from the story with this recipe for duck breast salad with a white wine pear sauce to really blow your guests away.

Christmas-Themed Waffles Inspired by Shrek the Halls

sweet, waffle, chocolate, cake, pastry, candy, cookie, bread
Serena Ajbani

If you’re anything like my friends, you can’t get through the holidays without a visit from your favorite ogre. Channel the optimism and joy of Donkey with these adorable Christmas themed waffles.

Whether your Christmas dinner is a major event or an intimate affair, they all share a similar tradition of watching Christmas specials.  These recipes will help channel the magic of your favorite to get your guests to be begging for seconds.