When we arrive back at school in 2017, many of us will wake up early to go to Reily and try to give the Bruff salad bar a shot to keep up our resolution to be healthier. If you find yourself cracking and going back to your old eating habits by the end of the week, no need to feel shame. Instead, why not indulge in all of the glorious Bruff foods you’ve been avoiding the past few days? You made it a week, after all.

1. Classic Cheese Fries

cheddar, cheese
Rachel Saef

I think it's safe to say that cheese fries weren't part of any diet you had planned for the new year, so now's as good a time as any to dig in. Start off by grabbing a heaping plate of fries and adding some cheddar cheese, bacon bits, and scallions from the baked potato bar. Stick the plate in the microwave for a minute and it’s almost like you’ve been transported to F&M’s.

2. Waffle of Your Dreams 

ice, ice cream, banana, cream, chocolate
Rachel Saef

What’s not to miss about a good ol' Bruff waffle loaded with your favorite toppings? You deserve this kind of treat. Make the waffle flavor of your choice, take it to the ice cream station, and add a couple scoops of whatever flavor you want. While you’re there, load it with the toppings of your choice– I use chocolate sauce, Oreo crumbs, and marshmallows. It was well worth the calories. 

3. Root Beer Float 

dairy product, sorbet, sweet, milk, cream, ice
Rachel Saef

A classic root beer float always manages to bring back the taste of summer during the chilly days of early January. Scoop some vanilla ice cream into the bottom of your cup, add root beer until your cup is about three-quarters full, and then add another scoop or two of ice cream to the top. You can always finish it off with a cherry just for good measure. 

4. Pizza Bagels 

bacon, cheddar, cheese
Rachel Saef

A classic indulgence in everyone’s book, these pizza bagels will satisfy all those cheesy cravings you’ve tried to ignore this past week. First, pop a bagel in the toaster. While it's toasting, ask for a bowl of marinara sauce at the pasta station. Once your bagel is ready, spread the sauce on each half and take it over to the baked potato bar where you can add the cheese. Microwave it for a minute and you’ve got yourself a classic. 

5. Chicken and Waffles 

cinnamon, maple syrup, peanut, peanut butter, butter, syrup, waffle
Rachel Saef
If you happen to be Bruffing on a Wednesday, you’re bound to grab a plate of fried chicken. Make it a meal by cooking yourself a waffle and creating an iconic chicken and waffles lunch. The key to feeling really gourmet is to grab the real maple syrup (kept in the gluten-free section) instead of the maple-flavored concoction they tend to keep by the waffles.

6. The Ice Cream Sandwich 

chocolate, cookie, butter, peanut, cream, ice cream, peanut butter, ice, sandwich
Rachel Saef

This treat combines the two best things Bruff has to offer– cookies and ice cream, making it a go-to Bruff hack. Take two cookies, add two scoops of ice cream to one of the cookies, smush the other on top, and voila. My personal favorite is two double chocolate cookies with cookies and cream ice cream. Bonus points if you add extra chocolate chips on the sides. 

After an entire break spent away, let these ideas help you get over the brief period of self-loathing you may experience after breaking your New Year's diet, as well as help you remember the tasty wonders that Bruff has to offer.