As a Tulane student, you've most likely grown to smile and nod any time someone jokes with you about partying or enjoying New Orleans nightlife too much. It's true, though, that Tulane students are the definition of the "work hard, play hard" lifestyle and always know which bars are going to be #lit. But have you ever thought about which bar matches your personality? Here are 6 bars around campus that could be your personality twin.

The Palms

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Coralie Liberto

You're that person who seems really classy, but your friends know that when the song “Low” comes on, you drop your a** all the way to the floor. However, if you're also the chiller and more mature older brother, you're definitely The Palms. You have replaced 50 cent shots with Gin and Tonics.

F & M Patio Bar

If you have the same personality as a pizza man, you're probably F&M's. You're only loved after midnight when people have already thrown back a few too many drinks. These people are craving food (and elevated surfaces), and you supply it to them.

The Boot

If you're the friend that everyone calls when they don’t know what to do, then you're definitely the Boot. You're down for anything, always available, and easily accessible, no matter the time or day. Also, your favorite song is “Closer” by the Chainsmokers.

TJ Quills

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Coralie Liberto

Honestly, you probably are a UNO or Loyola student. If you're that person who doesn’t care that they might not be the most popular kid in school (but hangs with cool people anyway), then you're most likely Quills. You're also probably the ignored, middle child. Although you're shy at first, once people get to know you, they love what you have to offer and are always down to hang.

Bruno’s Tavern

If your favorite pastime consists of watching the Saints get penalized every play while eating fried pickles, then you are Bruno’s. Chances are you just want to watch the game with the boys. You would choose good beer and food over grinding on the dance floor, and you are fine with that.

The Bulldog

If you’re the mature one in your fiend group, then you're probably The Bulldog. You can actually control yourself after a few beers. As The Bulldog, you can hold your own, especially when hanging out with the older crowd.

Hopefully this invited some introspection and self-discovery into who you really are. Next Friday night, take some time to get to know your college bar twin, or at least let your personality guide your future bar crawl decisions.

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