As a kid (and even today, but don’t tell anyone), I wanted nothing more than to have magical powers. Given how amazing I look in leotards, it’s truly a travesty that I’m a boring old normie human. It brings tears to my eyes every time I remember that I’ll never wield telekinetic powers against humanity’s enemies. However, with the help of Amazon One palm scanning, I can pretend for a few moments every week that I’m a magician when I wave my palm over a Whole Foods sensor and purchase my groceries. Because, with the Amazon One palm scanner, there’s a little magic in all of us (some could say being corny is my magic power…wink…wink…).

What’s Amazon One?

Thanks to Whole Foods’ partnership with Amazon, the process is easier than you might think. You just enroll in an Amazon One account — providing your credit or debit card and mobile number — and connect your existing Amazon account to receive in-store Amazon Prime benefits. The last step of the process is just waving your palm over an Amazon One Palm Scanner at Whole Foods. Then, you’re good to go. Buy those macarons!

How to use Amazon One

By the end of this year, all Whole Foods locations will offer Amazon One as a payment option. So, pretty soon, buying groceries will be as easy as bringing one palm along with you to the store! Impulse buys, here I come. Because, after you finish working out and wander, salivating, into the nearest Whole Foods, you deserve a little treat.

Why you can trust Amazon One

Through Amazon One, you have a unique palm signature that is securely stored on AWS Cloud and completely encrypted. Without your consent, your palm scan cannot be replicated or used. Amazon promises not to sell this information to third parties, marketing companies, or government agencies. Because let’s face it, the only one who should be reading your palm is a fortune teller.