I thought Amazon buying Whole Foods this summer was pretty sweet. I mean, prices on mostly produce went down pretty significantly. But now, we're really going to reap the benefits. Amazon Prime is now offering free shipping on Whole Foods products. 

How It Works

For those who don't have an Amazon Prime account, you might want to reconsider. The benefits seem to be increasing daily. Between music and movies available at the ready, Prime members also have access to free two-day shipping on thousands of Amazon items. And now, they also have access to free same-day and one-day shipping on Whole Foods items through Prime Now. 

Items include Whole Foods 365 brand products, meat, and alcohol. Once you choose your items and check out, you can use Prime Now, a 2-hour delivery service. You must meet a minimum of $35, but that shouldn't be too hard considering all the amazing snacks and pantry staples they have to offer. Any order under $35 can pay $4.99 for delivery.

According to Food and Wine, if you order something before noon, you can expect your order to arrive later that same afternoon. But if you submit your order past noon, your order will probably come the next day (that's that one-day shipping thing). 

It's perfect for when you get home from class on Friday and realize that you don't have any snacks or alcohol ready for the pregame you're hosting later, or it's Saturday morning, snowy af, and you don't feel like running to the grocery store. 

Unfortunately, Prime Now is only available in select cities, so check to see if you've got it before getting too excited. If Prime Now is not available in your area and you still want Whole Foods delivered, you can toss 365 brand products in an Amazon Pantry box and have them delivered within a few days for a flat rate of $5.99. 

What About Amazon Fresh?

So there are a lot of delivery options here. Amazon Fresh is still available for $14.99 per month. Users can get a wider selection of fresh produce delivered on demand, but Amazon will also be incorporating more Whole Foods products into its Fresh option as well. 

What About Whole Foods Delivery?

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Shelby Cohron

Yep, if you live near a Whole Foods you can already get this ish delivered by going to Whole Foods site and using Instacart. Or (yes, another option), you can go to the store, shop around, check out, and choose to have some one deliver groceries from the store to your door.

This last option might sound totally ridiculous, but speaking from experience, you understand if you live in a city, buy a watermelon and a case of water, and have to walk your groceries six blocks back to your fifth floor walk up apartment. That is truly a physical and mental challenge. 

So yes, Whole Foods and Amazon are coming in clutch, just in time for those lazy winter Sundays when all you want to do is stay in and watch movies rather than trek the crowded grocery store. Amazon Prime accounts are $99 per year, and trust me, it's worth it.