Whole Foods is undeniably the best supermarket out there. You can walk the aisles and pick up just about anything you need. With Whole Foods' new price cut, you may be restocking your pantry a few more times a month. Here are some of my most loved snacks and drinks from my favorite place.

1. Whole Foods Brand Sparkling Water

herb, water, cocktail, juice, lemon, sweet, ice, mint
Jocelyn Hsu

Whole Foods Brand Sparkling Water (not La Croix!) is my number one favorite drink to buy at Whole Foods. The drink comes in three different flavors- lime, lemon and regular. Whole Foods deserves much more credit for this drink because it is really refreshing and definitely a must have after every Whole Foods shopping trip.

2. Tate's Bake Shop Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Paige Schuck

Yup, I said it. Number two on the list would have to be gluten free chocolate chip cookies. Even though I am most definitely not gluten free, these cookies hit all my needs for a great chocolate chip cookie. Plus, cutting out a little gluten never hurt anyone!

SpoonTip: They are even better crushed on served on soft serve ice cream.

3. Hummus 

Sally Bornbusch

No joke, hummus is probably one of my favorite foods on this planet. You can honestly eat hummus however you want. Whole Foods has a great variety of hummus, offering many different flavors and sizes. Be adventurous, hummus can replace your everyday condiment. It is probably healthier too, as its main ingredient is chick peas. 

4. Halo Top

tea, beer, sweet, milk
Meredith Davin

Ever feel guilty after eating a whole carton of ice cream? Honestly, same. I love ice cream more than anything, which is why I was so happy to find Halo Top. Halo Top is only 240-360 calories a pint, allowing you to feel nothing but happiness after finishing a whole container by yourself. Personally, the s'mores flavor is my personal favorite. 

5. Imagine Foods Organic Soup

butternut squash soup, butternut squash, spoonful of soup, soup, cream, parsley, vegetable, bread, broth, garlic, herb
Julia Gilman

Soup is one of those foods that I can eat year round. For years now I've been really careful about eating mostly organic and healthy foods. A plus about Imagine Foods Organic Soup from Whole Foods is that it comes in a box, guaranteeing a long-lasting shelf life.

SpoonTip: Try pairing this soup with grilled cheese, such a classic.

6. Better Bites Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie DO Bites

candy, goody, sweet, pastry, cake, cookie, chocolate
Msu Spoon

Oh, my, do. Always wanting to eat the batter? These delicious cookie dough bites are egg free, dairy free, and nut free. Even better, they are dipped in chocolate. Cookie dough is super yummy and easy to make.

7. Amy's Broccoli & Cheddar Bake Meal Bowl

tea, beer, coffee
Rebecca Block

Frozen dinners used to not be my thing. However, after spontaneously buying Amy's Broccoli & Cheddar Bake, my life was changed. This delicious meal takes just minutes to cook. Honestly, you can make almost anything in the microwave.

8. Steves Paleogoods Dried Apples

apple, sweet
Christine Pritula

Dried apples are the perfect late afternoon snack for when you don't want to eat anything too heavy before dinner. Dried apples are also super easy to make. All you have to do is place sliced apples in the oven for five hours, flipping occasionally. You can even add different spices to give the apples additional flavor.

9. 365 Shells & White Cheddar Cheese

pasta, cream
Eileen Wang

Mac & Cheese is the one thing that I am fully capable of making perfectly every single time. I am the worst cook ever, and I have to say, my mac & cheese is fantastic. Regular elbow mac & cheese is okay, but 365 brought the dish to a whole new level when they combined shells with white cheddar cheese. I strongly suggest making extra because it is just sooooo good and you will want to eat it for every meal.

10. Natural Nectar Fair Trade Milk Chocolate Cookies

milk, milk chocolate, sweet, candy, coffee, chocolate
Christin Urso

Last but definitely not least, these cookies are just down right addicting. Who knew a plain cookie with piece of chocolate attached would be so delicious. Many people enjoy these cookies dipped in milk (not me!) but I love them just as they are!

I hoped you enjoyed learning how much I love Whole Foods. With the new price cut, expect this list to grow longer and longer with more great foods from Whole Foods! 

P.S.- Whole Foods now does home delivery, yay!!!