Whole Foods was acquired by Amazon last month, and for a while we didn't really know what was gonna change. I was hoping for Whole Foods drones or even Prime Delivery on the prepared foods bar, but sadly, Jeff Bezos isn't responding to any of my suggestions. But today, the "Whole Foods + Amazon" partnership led to massive price cuts at Whole Foods, and I gotta say, they're pretty legit. 

Here's everything you need to know about the new deals you can get at the grocery store formerly called "Whole Paycheck."

Prices Gettin' Low, Low, Low, Low

According to Bloomberg, prices at Whole Foods dropped (some as much as 43 percent) on Monday, August 28. All impacted items are marked with an orange label for "Whole Foods + Amazon," with the old price and new price listed.

Since I know you're just tryna see how much you can save, here are some of your fave products now on sale: 

- Whole Trade Organic Bananas: -30% ($0.99/lb to $0.69/lb)

- Organic Large Brown Eggs: -7% ($4.29/lb to $3.99/lb)

- Organic Fuji Apples: -43% ($3.49/lb to $1.99/lb)

- Organic Avocados: -29% ($2.79/each to $1.99/each)

Yes, finally avocados are now on the cheap (kinda). Additionally, you can also buy an Amazon Echo in Whole Foods stores. I sadly don't think Alexa is gonna help me cook much of anything, but she's always an entertaining meme. 

Prices are expected to drop further in the future, but it's already pretty exciting to see some of the changes due to the "Whole Foods + Amazon" partnership. I mean, I'm down for just about anything that gives me discounted avocado toast.