It's no lie that Amazon has great benefits, especially for students. I know I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for my Amazon Prime account and that two-day delivery. Even my Echo machine is part of my gateway Amazon addiction; it's run, manufactured, and connected to Amazon. But how much power does Amazon truly have? Amazon's influence stretches farther than you might think. Here are six companies owned by Amazon you probably didn't know about. 


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Andrea Leelike

That's right, everyone's source for who exactly that hot actor was in that one movie is owned by Amazon. IMDB has actually been owned by Amazon since 1998. When Amazon users search for a movie, they get the reviews and description information right on their screen. The next time you Netflix and Chill with bae, look up that one actor on the tip of your tongue and remember how easy Amazon makes your life.

2. Audible

Which famous YouTuber hasn’t been seen advertising Audible on their videos in recent years? That sponsored video wasn’t only brought to you by, but also by our favorite friend, Amazon. Amazon spent a hefty $300 million on the purchase of Audible back in 2008, giving users of the Kindle the power to also purchase Audible books and the app right on their device.

3. AbeBooks

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Alexandra Oduber

It turns out that you might just be comparing Amazon's book prices to, that's right, another Amazon-affiliated company. Amazon Purchased AbeBooks back in 2008 and it's been part of the company ever since. 

4. Zappos

Amazon acquired Zappos back in 2009 for the little price of $1.2 billion. Aren’t we ll questioning how Amazon had so many millions back in the early 2000s? 

5. Twitch

Maddie Lanier

Other than Whole Foods, this is one of the more recent purchases done back in 2014 for $970 million. Twitch is a video game live streaming service that's brought to fame many video gamers and many games as well. Thanks to this purchase, Amazon Prime members now also receive access to Twitch for FREE. Which is a great benefit for any Prime student member who wants to find a different way to procrastinate on any assignment. 

6. Whole Foods Market

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Shelby Cohron

If you've been living under a rock and don’t know that Amazon has acquired Whole Foods Market, then get in your car right now and drive to the nearest one. Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods has been game changing, and supposedly lowered the price of many food products at Whole Foods. Whole Foods was acquired in June 2017, and oh did it shake the world. Amazon purchased Whole Foods at a whooping $13.7 billion. Think of how many college tuitions that would cover. 

Now that we all know this information, the next questions is how powerful will we let Amazon get? With the recent Whole Foods purchase, all we know is that Amazon has no thoughts of stopping. World conquest, here they come!