Flower bouquets are great and all. I mean, I certainly won’t turn down some gorgeous blooms. But once you’ve arranged those florals in a cute vase, they kind of just…sit there, looking pretty. Until they get all wilty and sad and you have to toss them. But what if there was a better way to bouquet? A fresh romantic offering that’s pretty, delicious, and nutritious? I present: lettuce bouquets.

What is a lettuce bouquet?

Photo via @iiiitsandrea/twitter

A lettuce bouquet is just like a flower bouquet, but with lettuce. It’s a nicely arranged selection of greens packaged in pretty tissue paper, maybe even topped off with a nice little bow. Lettuce bouquets are just as romantic (or should I say romaine-tic) as flowers, but are also functional. You could even use your freshly received bouquet to make a tasty side salad for your date night dinner. And if you don’t think salad can be sophisticated and delicious, you haven’t tried the right salad.

Why are lettuce bouquets better than flowers?

They may be beautiful, but cut flowers often have a not-so-rosy environmental impact. Lettuce bouquets are more sustainable, and IMO can be just as beautiful, if not more so. I mean look at all these gorgeous greens! The possibilities are endless. Plus, everyone gives flowers. Lettuce bouquets are unique, and therefore more memorable for your special someone. It’s funky, it’s fresh, it’s giving grocercore, and I’m so here for it.

And lettuce bouquets don’t have to be solely made of leafy greens. Cured meat “roses” are a hearty and tasty addition. Serve it with crackers, and you’ve got the ultimate girl dinner. You could even add in fruit, cheese, or edible flowers. There are no rules.

How can I get a lettuce bouquet?

Lettuce bouquets can be found at the Seoul supermarket Sik Mul Sung. If you’re like me and (sadly) not heading to South Korea anytime soon, you can make your own. Simply pick out some pretty greens at the farmers market or grocery store, arrange as desired, and secure the bouquet with a rubber band. Then you can prettily package the arrangement with tissue paper, ribbon, or really whatever you want.

Sure, lettuce bouquets probably aren’t replacing florals anytime soon. Flowers are classic for a reason. But leafy green arrangements are an affordable, sustainable, and fun alternative that allow you to express your unique style. And they don’t just have to be romantic offerings. Lettuce bouquets are excellent gifts for friends and family, party hosts, and all the salad lovers in your life. It says “I care about you, and I want you to eat your greens” in the sweetest way possible. What’s not to love?