If you’re into salads, bowls, and greens, you may be familiar with the casual fast food chain Sweetgreen that serves “fresh, craveable, feel-good food.” Sweetgreen started off as an idea between three college students who only had two options when it came to food: sustainable, healthy, and expensive, or fast, cheap, and unhealthy. The three came together to reimagine what fast food could be, and thus we have ourselves Sweetgreen.

Sweetgreen has a shoppable clothing line.

But Sweetgreen isn’t just stopping at sustainable practices and nutritious foods: there’s merch now, too! If you want to sport your love of salads and all things green, the Sweetgreen market has an adorable selection of tees, crewnecks, tote bags, socks, and even mugs for your liking. For the most minimalist fashion lovers, there are tees and hoodies that come in forest green or deep brown with the Sweetgreen logo on the front.

Photo by Sweetgreen

What is for sale in the Sweetgreen market?

If you want to shout your love for the chain a little louder, there is also a crewneck ($55), tote bag ($15), pair of socks ($18), and even a Nalgene water bottle ($20) with “Salad!” written on them. What a simple way to express the joy and love salads bring. These come in a neutral cream color and with a burst of rich forest green to contrast. If these wearable merch pieces aren't enough to express your love for all things salad, there’s even a mug ($12) that says “Professional Salad Eater.”. I think this would look pretty cute with some matcha or green tea in them to match the green hues.

Photo by Sweetgreen

If you couldn’t get enough of the iconic hexagon-shaped salad bowls from Sweetgreen, they’re even launching a hex bowl mousepad ($8). The mousepads come in three different designs: the Kale Caesar, the Harvest Bowl, and the Shroomami. The Shroomami bowl even gets its own shirt picturing lime-green colored mushrooms and the list of ingredients in a serifed, chocolate brown font.

Will there be more Sweetgreen merch?

Photo by Sweetgreen

With its minimalist designs, earthy hues, and sweetly serifed fonts, Sweetgreen is winning over green-loving hearts with its online shop. And on May 18, Sweetgreen is releasing even more merch — we’re not what it is, but there have been hints that more hats ($25) may be coming. Plus when you download the Sweetgreen app and become a Sweetpass member (free to join), you can gain access to periodically receiving promo codes for free Sweetgreen merch!