You certainly cannot ignore a craving for a slab of French silk pie. Sure, you can always get a grocery store pie in a pinch, but you can do better. Here is a comprehensive list of the best pie establishments in every state to satisfy your dessert desires. Kudos if you get to try every one. 

Alabama: Pie Lab

This Greensboro pie shop is known for their oats, which are so popular that they even have an oatmeal pie. Give this riff on a comforting breakfast a try, or go for one of their fruit pies. The oaty crumble will not disappoint.  

Alaska: A Pie Stop

A Pie Stop is known for their classic apple pie. If it isn't too cold in Anchorage, get a slice topped with a scoop or two of their homemade vanilla ice cream. 

Arizona: Piefection

If you find yourself in Mesa, AZ, go for Piefection's "Black and White" pie. It's a double-layered chocolate and rum cream pie with chocolate shavings—aka a chocolate overload if there ever was one.

Arkansas: The Original Fried Pie Shop

The only thing that could be better than pie is FRIED pie. You just cannot go wrong with this. Our picks include the pecan and the chocolate, the filling is basically pudding.

California: Alcove Cafe 

If you find yourself looking for pie in Los Angeles, look no further than Alcove Cafe, known for their mile-high apple pie. If you are in the mood for something a bit more unique, try the key lime. 

Colorado: Humble Pie Store

The thing that makes Denver pie store so special is its spectacular pie crust, made extra flaky and dense from the high altitude. Check out Spoon's favorite: the chocolate bourbon pecan.

Connecticut: American Pie Company 

A small shop right off the highway, American Pie Company's perfectly toasted Lemon Meringue pie is the pie of grandmother's dreams. This is a must-go the next time you're cruising around Connecticut.

Delaware: Sweet Somethings Desserts 

Voted the best bakery in Delaware, this dessert shop makes delicious pies for every season. In the fall, order the Sugared Pumpkin Pie. When pumpkin season is over, go for the raspberry and cream tart. 

Florida: The Good Pie Company

The Good Pie Company's apple pie with a mini cinnamon bun crust is practically made for Instagram. Make your followers jealous and your stomach happy with this insane pie. 

Georgia: The Pie Hole 

Another great dessert combination: the brownie Pie. You don't need friends with delicious company like that. 

Hawaii: Hawaiian Pie Co. 

Pie and Hawaii. Now that is perfection. Hop on the matcha craze and try the Matcha Custard pie, or go for the classic coconut pie for a taste of local flavor.

Idaho: Pie Hut 

Pie Hut is known for their huckleberry pie—a common berry found in Idaho that tastes like a new twist on blueberries. Try this slice and immerse yourself in the culture of Idaho.

Illinois: First Slice Pie Cafe 

Chicago is famous for many kinds of food. In fact, it even has a hot dog named after it. While Chicago isn't often noted for its stellar pies, it should be. Grab a slice of the Coffee Toffee at First Slice Pie Cafe and you'll see what we mean.

Indiana: My Sugar Pie 

Try the pies (or in this case, a combination of red velvet cake and pie) that everyone at People Magazine is talking about. If you don't have an excuse to visit Indiana to get pie, you can also join their delivery Pie Club. 

Iowa: Kathy's Pies 

Chocolate cream pie. A classic, delicious creation made only better by fresh chocolate shavings.

Kansas: The Upper Crust 

Any of the pies at this Kansas cafe are amazing, but the cran-raspberry is especially amazing. Plus, bonus points for using a pie pun in the store name. 

Kentucky: Missy's Pies 

You know a pie is good when the layer of meringue is thicker than the filling. This black bottom banana pie is a good pie. 

Louisiana: Strawn's Eat Shop 

This summer, it's time to take a road trip down to Louisiana, to get a slice of the strawberry icebox pie at Strawn's. We promise it is worth the drive, no matter how long. Check out these road trip snacks if you're worried about getting hungry on the way.

Maine: Wild Oats Bakery and Cafe 

Wild Oats' apple pie with whipped cream is uniquely incredible. Maybe because there is more oat and brown sugar crumble than fruit... We're not complaining.

Maryland: Dangerously Delicious Pies 

Bananas are a polarizing fruit—you either love them or hate them. But, this banana creme pie is so good it will make banana haters question everything they know. 

Massachusetts: Petsi Pies 

Chocolate bourbon pecan pie is a southern classic often neglected in the North. Fortunately, Petsi's in Massachusetts knows how to make a slice just as good as they do in the South

Michigan: Sister Pie 

Sister Pie brings the sunshine to Detroit with their unusual, yet delicious pie flavors. Their bright pink Sweet Beet pie is enough to make us smile on any cold and cloudy Michigan day.

Minnesota: Betty's Pies 

Nothing says the Midwest quite like taking decadence to the next level. Betty's Pies didn't think that turtle pie was enough, so they created this Turtle Coconut Pie. Way to take food to the next level again, Midwestern foodies

Mississippi: Sugarees Bakery 

Sugaree's chocolate meringue pie comes recommended by Oprah. One word. Yum.

Missouri: Pie Oh My! 

S'mores in a pie? Yes. Get the campfire pie and live out your most bougie camping fantasies. Bonus: Pie Oh My! now has a food truck so you can get a slice on the go. 

Montana: Loula's Cafe 

Loula's in Whitefish, Montana is the best place to grab a slice after hitting the slopes. Their mixed berry pie is what dreams are made of. Don't forget to get a scoop of ice cream on the side. 

Nebraska: Stauffer's Cafe and Pie Shoppe

This delicate strawberry rhubarb pie melts in your mouth. Plus, if you get it with coffee, you can call it breakfast.

Nevada: Pies Unlimited 

Pies Unlimited has the classics as well as some wackier flavors, like this mango cream pie. They also boast the best sugar-free pies around for those of us trying to cut back on sweets (without cutting back on sweets). 

New Hampshire: Red Arrow Diner 

Stop by this New Hampshire establishment after a long day for a slice of strawberry pie and a cup of cocoa. Aka the perfect night cap. 

New Jersey: The Pie Store 

Banoffee pie is basically banana cream pie on steroids. Why? Because toffee makes everything better. The Pie Store's banoffee pie is extra incredible because of the crushed Cadbury Flake on top, a sweet homage to the British inventor of banoffee pie.

New Mexico: New Mexico Pie Company

New Mexico Pie Company makes all of their pies with all-natural and local ingredients whenever possible. Plus, their signature Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Pie makes it feel like every day is Valentine's Day.

New York: Four & Twenty Blackbirds 

Four & Twenty Blackbirds is famous for good reason. In fact, this Brooklyn bakery's pies have been featured in Forbes, InStyle and dozens of other publications. Try any of their pies and you will not be disappointed, but their Grapefruit Custard is particularly fantastic.

North Carolina: Scratch 

Scratch in Durham is a staple for Duke students looking for a warm place to study with a thick slice of pie. Their chocolate pecan pie just might be the only thing to get you through organic chemistry.

North Dakota: Perkins Restaurant and Bakery 

While North Dakota is not typically known for its pie, Perkins' pies are quite literally award-winning. Try their two blue ribbon slices: the Wildberry and the Caramel Apple. 

Ohio: Simply Delicious Pies 

Simply Delicious Pies makes amazing pies year round, but their seasonal flavors are truly special. This chocolate peppermint pie is like Christmas in a chocolate cookie crust. If you're searching for savory, they also make pot pies and quiches with their incredible pie crust. 

Oklahoma: Pie Junkie 

Oklahoma's Pie Junkie makes Girl Scout Cookie season last all year-round with their thin mint pie. If you have room for a second slice, try their best seller, the Drunken Turtle made with rich bourbon.

Oregon: Sweedeedee 

Sweedeedee. Amazing name, better pie. Get the salted honey pie, a local Oregon twist on the salted caramel dessert trend. 

Pennsylvania: Dutch Haven

ShooFly pie is a traditional molasses pie invented by the Pennsylvania Dutch (Amish). It gets its name because the filling is so sweet that flies must be shooed away. The flavor is reminiscent of gingerbread and the texture is like cinnamon roll filling.

Dutch Haven, an Amish souvenir shop in Ronks, PA, has been voted the best ShooFly pie since 1946. The Amish seriously know what they are doing with regards to pie baking. 

Rhode Island: Pastiche Fine Desserts 

While fruit tart isn't technically a pie, you'll willingly make an exception after trying Pastiche's rich, creamy, sweet slice of bliss.

South Carolina: Carmella's 

Though several food-mashups in pie form have been featured on this list, Carmella's cookie-pie might be the favorite. One caveat—get it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or do not get it at all.

South Dakota: Purple Pie Place 

Don't let the paper plates fool you—this peanut butter pie deserves a five-star rating. Stop by Purple Pie Place on your way to Mt. Rushmore for dessert with a view. 

Tennessee: The Loving Pie Company 

You might be in Nashville, but the Loving Pie Company's coconut custard pie will make you feel like you're in Hawaii. 

Texas: Emporium Pies 

The name Dr. Love alone is enough to make you want a slice of this red velvet chess pie. Stop by Emporium Pies in Dallas to try this or any of their other adorably named pies. 

Utah: June Pies 

June Pies does seasonal pies right. If you're in Utah around Valentine's Day, grab a slice of one of these strawberry cream cheese and chocolate pies. Regardless of the holiday, this bakery has a seasonally delicious pie for you.

Vermont: Poorhouse Pies 

Poorhouse Pies sells their amazing pies at a number of stores in Vermont, but the best places to pick up a pie are the ones fresh out of the oven at their "summer shed" and "winter shed" right on the bakery's property. 

Virginia: Pie Gourmet Ltd. 

If you're in Virginia, you absolutely must step in Pie Gourmet, Ltd. and try a slice of their lemon meringue pie. If you are not in Virginia, get yourself a pie shipped ASAP with their national delivery service.

Washington: Pie Goddess 

The Pie Goddess's blackberry pie, made with local blackberries, is just as good as non-fruit based pies. Cover your bases and get it with a cup of cocoa to satiate your chocolate cravings as well.

Wisconsin: Stockholm Pie and General Store 

Blackberry custard pie is the best of both worlds. You get to have your sweet blackberry filling and your delicious, creamy custard. There is nothing better.

Wyoming: Sweet Melissa 

Eating a slice of peanut butter pie inside a chocolate crust will definitely be the best part of your trip to Wyoming. It might be the best part of your year.

Thanks for sticking around the for the best pie tour of America on the internet. And if pie isn't your thing, there's a best ice cream shop in every state too.