Los Angeles is one of the top cities for foodies to visit in the nation, hands down. From food trucks to Chinese fare, they have it all. But did you know their ice cream game is 100% on point?

As an ice cream lover and a travel junkie, Los Angeles is a destination I’ve been dying to fly to. Finally making my dreams a reality and traveling to LA next year, I’ve decided making an ice cream bucket list was more than appropriate for the occasion.

Whether you’re an LA native, planning a trip to the City of Angels like me, or moving there for an internship, these eight eateries are sure to have you drooling.

1. Carmela Ice Cream

Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of @carmelaicecream on Instagram

Carmela uses organic dairy and seasonal farmers market produce to create incredible handmade ice cream and sorbet flavors like Strawberry Buttermilk, Rose Petal, and Cucumber sorbet. Carmela Ice Cream serves their delights in a cup, on a cone, and as an ice cream sandwich—because who doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich?

2. Milk

Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of @cravingcritics on Instagram

Milk is the holy grail of ice cream in LA. They have everything from your standard cones and milkshakes, to Fruity Pebbles Drumstix, to ice cream macaroons. Their fan-favorite macaroons—dubbed Macs—come in every flavor you could possibly dream of, like Watermelon, Red Velvet, Fruity Pebbles, and Froot Loops (and yes, it is coated with your favorite childhood cereal). This is a tourist’s dream, right here.

3. Churro Borough

Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of @churroboroughla on Instagram

Step up your ice cream sandwich game at the home of the original churro ice cream sandwich (yup, you read that right). If you’re not the churro-type, don’t let it turn you away. Churro Borough has amazing—and gluten-free—flavors like Mexican Hot Chocolate, Vanilla Custard, and Matcha Green Tea, as well as paletas in flavors like Spicy Mango and Guava Lime.

4. Smitten Ice Cream

Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of @smittenicecream on Instagram

Smitten founder Robyn Fisher discovered that freezing ice cream at super-low temperatures created a smoother product and froze ice cream in record time. With a rapid freezing cycle, she uses liquid nitrogen to make each order of ice cream right before your eyes using the freshest, purest ingredients. With year-round flavors like Earl Grey with Milk Chocolate Chips and Salted Caramel, and seasonal flavors like Strawberry White Balsamic, there’s no wonder people are so smitten.

5. Quenelle

Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of @quenelle on Instagram

Quenelle serves some of the most unique flavors in the Los Angeles area. From Basil Mojito, to Kimchi, to Blueberry Bourbon—and even Cigars and Brandy—your tastebuds will take a trip to heaven, no matter the flavor you choose. Quenelle also serves ice cream bars, bakery items, teas, and more.

6. The COOLHAUS Shop

Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of @coolhaus on Instagram

Coolhaus is pretty, well, cool. Not only are they an actual shop, but they have five mobile ice cream trucks and carts in the Los Angeles area. Their handmade ice cream comes in a myriad of unique flavors like Beer & Pretzels, Buttered French Toast, and Chocolate Chipotle. Y-u-m! Coolhaus also serves cookies, their jaw-dropping ice cream sandwiches, and assorted beverages.

7. Mother Moo Creamery

Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of @sierramadrelife on Instagram

Mother Moo specializes in small batch, homemade ice cream using local ingredients made fresh in the store. They serve dairy and non-dairy flavors like Organic Vanilla, Coconut Sorbet, Lemongrass, and more, available in a cup, cone, or as a sandwich.

8. Salt & Straw

Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of @saltandstraw on Instagram

With flavors like Strawberry Cilantro Lime Cheesecake and Chocolate Gooey Brownie, it’s no wonder Salt & Straw is an LA favorite. If you’re a fan of trying new, unique flavors, the ice cream fun doesn’t have to stop when you leave the shop. When you join their Pints Club, you get 5 seasonal flavors shipped to your door step once a month.