You know when you're climbing Mt. Everest and you just get so hungry? Same. About a month ago, One Star House Party took 15 guests to experience a pop-up restaurant on the top of Mt. Everest. It's part of a series of building 20 restaurants in 20 months that will span across 20 countries. The cost for a guest to go on the two week journey isn't cheap, coming in at $1,050.

How'd this work?

This is the highest pop-up restaurant in the world, being that Everest Base Camp is 17,600 feet above sea level. Since One Star House Party makes sure the menu is always inspired by the host country's cuisine, the restaurant  featured local Nepali cuisine. After shopping around local markets, the difficult part was packing the fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and hiking with them for nine days.

The Everest meal was meatless, which made it easier to preserve the ingredients on the hike to the base camp. With electricity and water scarce, the chefs had to get creative. They cooked with a solar powered induction stove and a large fire surrounded by camping chairs and tables where the guests ate.

More pop-ups, more places

Sounds like a dank restaurant. If you missed this pop-up, though, don't worry. For the next 15 months there will be 15 more restaurants by One House Star Party all over the world