Waking up at the crack of dawn, getting those first tracks in, and basically killing your body for 6+ hours. A long, hard day of shredding up the slopes can be difficult for people of all ages and skiing abilities. I myself do enjoy perfecting every last turn until I can ski no more, but I really only do this to myself for one reason: the après. Après-ski is the light at the end of the tunnel for any skier or snowboarder. For after all, what more could you ask for than the reward of delicious, hot, filling food at the end of a long hard day? Even the ski season is winding down to a close, I believe it is important to share what I believe are the top foods that truly make every long, hard day of skiing completely worth it.

1. Nachos


Photo courtesy of spizzicopizza.com

I must admit, I do not believe a day of skiing is complete if it does not end with nachos. Whether I make them at home or order them at a restaurant, eleven times out of ten, nachos will hit the spot. And forget about your classic cheese-chip combination. Feel free to explore the exciting world of cheese-chip-meat-tomato-guacamole-olives-chicken and any other wonderful toppings.

2. Wings


Photo by Emily Ix

Buffalo, barbecue, hot, mild, you name it, wings are and will always be a staple of après-ski.

3. Soft Pretzel


Photo courtesy of chellascommoncents.com

Whenever I am looking for a quick bite after a long day of skiing, a pretzel is what I always turn to. I see these everywhere: on menus at your upscale après location, or just at your curbside pretzel stand, and they always satisfy. Oh and by the way, don’t forget the honey mustard.

4. Waffle Fries


Photo courtesy of kerronicle.com

If you have never experienced the goodness that is waffle fries, this is your time. Waffle fries are what you would expect: french fries, but in waffle form. Yes, they are literally that, but they are so much more too. Because these fries are different they also deserve different toppings. I recommend salsa, guacamole, olives, and any other delicious dippers your heart desires.

5. Waffles (straight up)


Photo by Emily Ix

As someone who typically skis the east coast, I have found that many mountains have a magical establishment called the Waffle Cabin. They serve decadent waffles with a choice of a hot chocolate topping. An east coast ski day is not complete without one of these bad boys.

6. Cheese (any kind, all kinds)


Photo by Matthew Wenger

Again, whether you are headed to a restaurant or crashing on the couch, cheese, much like many après-ski foods, is an easy go-to. Whether it’s on a plate or paired with macaroni, cheese is guaranteed to satisfy that après-ski hunger. If you’re feeling ambitious, try eating fondue, or even making your own.

7. Hot Chocolate


Photo by Alex Kaneshiro

Hot chocolate, the end-all be-all of après-ski eats. A day of skiing truly is not complete without it. If, for some odd reason, you find yourself bored by your everyday basic hot chocolate, check out these ways to spice up your usual cup.


A full day of skiing should always be met with a full plate of food. Whether you are headed to the lodge or a restaurant or just staying at home for the evening, the food options for après-ski are seemingly endless. The only problem you’ll have is that your stomach wasn’t big enough to hold it all.