There are many obvious differences between American and British culture, but the most surprising is the difference in candies or "sweets."

As a kid, I grew up eating crunchies and flakes rather than Snickers and Skittles, and I wouldn't have it any other way. That is why I've created a list of my favorite British sweets that everyone should try. 

1. Crunchie

Olivia Sandhu

sA crunchie is a milk chocolate candy bar with an airy honeycomb center. It closely resembles Butterfingers except instead of a flakey peanut butter center, the Cadbury Crunchie has a honeycomb center.  

The difference in chocolate quality really makes a difference. I think that Cadbury chocolate is richer and more creamy than American brands, and it really makes the crunchie that much better.

#SpoonTip: I recommend serving a Crunchie with a hot cup of English breakfast tea. 

2. Fudge

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Olivia Sandhu

A fudge bar is basically fudge covered with milk chocolate. The chocolate bar itself is thin and long, but it is soft and chewy throughout. 

It is similar to a Twix bar in the sense that both have a light and fluffy center, but the fudge definitely leaves you wanting more.

3. Smarties

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Olivia Sandhu

No, these aren't the same artificial Smarties that many of us are familiar with. Instead, British smarties are actually made of milk chocolate drops covered in a colored sugar coating.  

In other words, Smarties are the British version of M&M's, except they are made with Cadbury chocolate. 

#SpoonTip: Plop the smarties box in the freezer for a bit, and enjoy a frozen treat later. 

4. Aero

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Olivia Sandhu

An Aero bar is a good old-fashioned chocolate bar but with a twist. Rather than a typical heavy chocolate bar, an Aero bar has "bubbles" inside of it that give it a light and airy texture. 

The so-called bubbles or air pockets cause the chocolate to literally melt in your mouth. The Aero bars also come in a variety of flavors such as orange and mint. I highly recommend this for all you chocolate-lovers out there. 

5. Curly Wurly

Olivia Sandhu

Now doesn't this sounds like a chocolate bar straight out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Unfortunately, that place doesn't exist... but lucky for us Cadbury does! 

A Curly Wurly is essentially caramel covered in Cadbury milk chocolate. It is a pretty chewy chocolate bar, but it is fun to say and even more fun to eat.

6. Cadbury Buttons

Cadbury buttons are just simply small, flat chocolate buttons that can be easily munched on while studying or watching some Netflix.  

They are available in milk or white chocolate, but I recommend buying both flavors and mixing them together. 

7. Double Decker 

Just like the famous red double-decker bus, the double decker chocolate bar has a chewy nougat top with a crunchy cereal bottom.

It is almost like a 3 Musketeers bar. They both have a nougat-like flavor, but the double decker just has a crunchier bottom. 


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Olivia Sandhu

Just as the name implies, a flake is a super flaky and crumbly chocolate bar. It is super messy to eat, but the chocolate itself is super creamy and delicious.  

This is once again just your classic chocolate bar with a twist. The British like to change things up by either making the chocolate super crumbly or infused with air. 

9. Fruit Pastilles

Rowntrees fruit pastilles are small rounded gelatinous candies. They have the same consistency as Sour Patch Kids except they aren't sour.

The candies come in five distinct colors and flavors. Red is strawberry, purple is blackcurrant, yellow is lemon, green is lime and orange is orange.  

10. Yorkie

A Yorkie Bar is the British version of a typical plain jane chocolate bar. It is a dense bar of chocolate that is packaged into five breakable chunks. 

It comes in flavors such as original milk chocolate, white and dark chocolate, and my personal favorite raisin and biscuit.

The British do it best when it comes to chocolate. I definitely recommend trying some of them out because they are worth the hype.