Everyone’s heard of the food-mashup celebrity: Dominique Ansel’s flaky and sweet… cronut. However there are some rising stars vying for the spotlight. Check out these clever food hybrids that are trying to follow in the cronuts footsteps. Just as funky, just as delicious.

1. The Cupcaron

Photo by Jessica Kelly

This mashup is brought to you by Baked by Melissa, the creator of those adorable quarter sized cupcakes that allow us to eat approximately 15 in one sitting because they add up to one cupcake (or close enough). Say hello to the ultimate cupcake-macaroon hybrid. Grab ’em in chocolate gelato, strawberry cream, and cotton candy. Both gooey and delicate, these little mashups are worth a try… or 15.

2. The Sushirrito

food hybrids

Photo by Gaby Coseteng

A sushi roll. Super-sized. Don’t tell me you dream of other things. Eat this Japanese-Mexican mashup just like a burrito, but enjoy the sensation of eating sushi. From the crispy tempura filled Sumo Crunch to the spicy wasabi-dusted Salmon Samba, you really can have it all. Basically this is you—but reversed.

food hybrids

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

3. Sriracha Donuts

donut mashup

Photo courtesy of Orange Coast

Sweet AND spicy. For dessert. The Sriracha donut is the perfect pastry mashup if you like sweetness with a kick. It’s a traditional puffy donut base topped with a sweet and spicy vanilla Sriracha chili glaze. And of course, savory bacon bits never hurt.

4. Red Velvet Fried Chicken

chicken mashup

Photo courtesy of Sousvidely

Have you ever wanted dessert for dinner? This is as close are you’re gonna get to the real deal. Coated in a crispy red velvet crumbs, this fried chicken mashup = dessert for dinner dreams. The chicken is actually fried in a light red velvet cake batter. Epic. Food. Hybrid.

5. The Quesarito

Photo courtesy of E is for Eat

Held sacred by Chipotle junkies as a secret menu hack, the quesadilla-burrito mashup is an epic upgrade to your experience. Never toil over what to order again. A tortilla with melted cheese is opened up, stuffed with whatever toppings you desire, then rolled up into a burrito. Hear that? It’s calling your name.

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