After every lunch or dinner, there is one question that always comes up. Where should we go for dessert? If you live in Panama, you've probably found yourself getting frustrated by the fact that whenever you seem to be craving dessert, you always either don't know where to go or are too tired of always going to the same places. So, in order to save you some time, next time you are in the mood for something sweet, we've come up with a list of places where to find the best desserts in Panama City.


If you are in the mood for some gourmet and natural popsicles, you are in the right place. Palettamérica is the perfect place if you are looking for some different and tropical popsicles to combine with a wide range of sweet toppings.  


Known for their Baked Alaskas and their signature waffle samplers, Ambrosia is proof that there is always room for dessert. With a sweet variety of cupcakes and baked goods for sale, lack of time can never be an excuse to miss Ambrosia. 


If you are in the mood for some crafted ice-cream, Güt is the place for you. They offer all kinds of unique and different flavors, ranging from crème brûlée to the sweet caramel taste of manjar blanco. The best part of it? They offer sugar, gluten, and lactose-free ice cream, so there is really no reason to miss grabbing a scoop. 

Ay Mi Negra

Panama didn't stay behind in the popular rolled ice-cream trend, and Ay Mi Negra is the proof. Located in the historic Casco Viejo, this dessert bar offers one of the best ice rolls and waffle pops you'll ever have. 

Bistro MKT

Notorious for their famous skillet cookies, Bistro MKT is the place that will kill your cookie cravings. If you ever feel like the only thing missing from your evening is that one small piece of sugar, their hello dollies and cookies will not let you down. 

La Inmaculada 

Thanks to their truly unforgettable No Me Olvides, La Inmaculada has managed to become an icon for dessert places in Panama. This place is a classic that never fails to deliver


This franchise rose to fame for using liquid nitrogen as the base for their ice-creams. Their bases are not only Kosher certified but also incredibly tasty when combined with different fruits, sweets, or other flavor enhancers like fudge and peanut butter


Dipndip is the perfect place between Belgian chocolate heaven and exotic dessert nirvana. If you are someone who can handle their sweets and is not afraid of the richness of chocolate, I'm happy to say you've found your place. 

La Casa de las Frutas, Jugos y Helados

If there are any Panama locals reading, you can vouch for that whenever you see this place empty, you just simply have to pull over and get something. Whether you don't have enough time to actually get off your car or are just dying to kill that craving, a tropical frostee or an ice-cream is always the answer. If you are looking for the best cheap dessert in Panama; congratulations, you've found it. 

Now, whenever you find yourself in the mood for some dessert, remember that Panama City is the place to give in to your sweet tooth. With a lot of insta-worthy and different desserts, you have a variety of options that really no one can refuse. If this list ever becomes too short for you, don't worry. Restaurant owners keep adding more to the list every time.