If you're allergic to egg and dairy, finding delicious desserts can be a pain in the butt and an outright slap in the face. You see your friends indulging in decadent ice cream sundaes, or rich, creamy cheesecakes, and you wonder why the universe has deprived you of such goodness. Living in Providence, I've looked on as my friends scarfed down desserts at known cafés and restaurants. Feeling left out AF, I went on a journey to find where I too could feed my sweet tooth, without giving myself an unbearable stomach ache. And so, without further ado, I bring to you 7 places to get vegan desserts in and around Providence, Rhode Island.

1. Wildflour Vegan Bakery

cheesecake, blueberry, cream, cake, chocolate, whipped cream, berry, blackberry
Marie Chantal Marauta

From vegan (and sometimes even gluten free!) cupcakes and cookies to delicious tofu cheesecake, Wildflour is a bakery that can cater to all your vegan sweet-tooth cravings. Situated on East Avenue in Pawtucket, Wildflour is a five minute drive from Thayer Street, and is a quaint little shop perfect for a relaxed afternoon of munching with friends.

It's partnered with Garden Grille, the vegetarian restaurant next door. So if you feel like grabbing a salty bite to eat before indulging in your sweet tooth, that option is also available to you.

2. The Grange

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Marie Chantal Marauta

A restaurant that serves delicious vegetarian cuisine, The Grange is also home to a treasure chest of decadent vegan desserts. Pictured above is their delicious chocolate fudge brownie sundae, served with coconut whipped cream and salted caramel.

In addition to their sundae, they also serve an Orange Créme Brûlée, Black Forest Cake in a Jar, and much, much more. Located on Federal Hill and usually open until late, it's a perfect place to stopover after a fancy meal at one of their neighboring restaurants.

3. Veggie Fun

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Marie Chantal Marauta

A pan-Asian vegan restaurant, Veggie Fun serves only vegan food, and their desserts are to die for. With dishes such as fried banana spring rolls served with dark chocolate, as well as gluten-free brown rice pudding, Veggie Fun creates delicious Asian desserts with an American twist.

For the less gastronomically-adventurous, they also serve more traditional desserts, such as a rich, dark chocolate sponge cake and a sundae with fresh, tropical fruit. Located in historic Downtown Providence, Veggie Fun is a spacious restaurant and is perfect for a night away from the hustle and bustle of the usual Providence hangouts. 

4. Like No Udder 

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Marie Chantal Marauta

Located on Ives Street, Like No Udder is a vegan ice cream shop that also serves various vegan baked goods. Their 8 constant ice cream flavors include Peanut Butter Cup, Rocky Road and Maple Grapenut, which can be served with toppings like salted caramel sauce, gummy bears, and toasted coconut, amongst other things.

They also provide soft-serve chocolate, vanilla and twist ice cream, as well as shakes and floats, so that you don't miss out on the creamy goodness of traditional frozen desserts. 

5. Julian's

toast, french toast, cream
Marie Chantal Marauta

As one of Providence's most known brunch places, Julian's provides a wide range of vegan alternatives to traditional sweet dishes. Their vegan French toast with coconut whip is an absolute foodgasm, and their vegan pancakes can be served with your choice of filling, from chocolate chips, to almonds and cashews, to coconut. 

These dishes can be eaten either as a complete meal or as a substantial dessert, and are less-heavy on your stomach while still maintaining a substantial, goose bump-inducing flavor. 

6. The Duck and Bunny

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Marie Chantal Marauta

Though this popular snuggery is not a strictly vegan restaurant, it does add a vegan cupcake to their daily lineup. The flavor of their vegan cupcake changes by the day, but no matter the flavor, vegan customers can be assured that they will always be accommodated.

Pictured above is their vegan Oreo cupcake, which is soft and moist with a creamy center, with cookie crumbles to top it off. 

7. PVDonuts

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Marie Chantal Marauta

Once again, this specialty donut shop is not strictly vegan. However, every Wednesday and Sunday they provide a small selection of vegan flavors. These, like all other donut flavors, change monthly.

Pictured above is their crunchy vegan fruity pebbles cronut. Through their vegan donuts' substantial flavor and striking aroma, PVDonuts ensures that even those who do not eat egg and dairy can indulge in their famous heavenly donuts. 

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