Forget the Myers Briggs, we all know that the sorting hat is the true, definitive personality test. The world of Harry Potter has captured audiences for years, yet no aspect of Harry Potter is as enamoring as the school of witchcraft and wizardry, Hogwarts. One defining aspect of Hogwarts that everyone loves to discuss is how it magically separates its students into houses based on their personalities. Hogwarts houses have been used to predict practically everything like your favorite movie, personal style, and even your favorite Taylor Swift album. Well, it's been used to predict almost everything, except your favorite foods. Today I’ll go through each house and reveal what type of eater each house is based on their associated traits and personalities. And without further ado, here’s what type of foods you like based on your Hogwarts house. 


Gryffindors are known for their bravery and willingness to rise up to any challenge. This adventurous spirit follows them in all they do, and Gryffindors will not shy from trying new, exciting foods. From the spiciest of curries to the crunchiest of crickets, Gryffindors will never turn down even the most intimidating foods. Gryffindors are the type who love searching cities for that niche hole in the wall gem, and always want to go somewhere new when they eat out. Although they love trying new foods, Gryffindors are also known for being loyal, and will always come back to a hearty homemade meal. Gryffindors need sustenance to fuel their chivalrous deeds, and prefer heavy, protein-packed feasts. I'm sure all of us can imagine a scene where Ron, Harry, or some other Gryffindor demolish a giant turkey leg in the Great Hall. Overall, Gryffindors are adventurous eaters whose taste buds travel far and wide, but will always return home for a hefty meal.

Examples of Foods: Steak, Spicy Chili, Roasted Turkey, Loaded Baked Potatoes, Spaghetti with Red Sauce, and new experiences like Escargot, Calamari, and Liver


Known for their refined tastes, Slytherins love to indulge in the bougie-er side of life. Their ambitious and goal-oriented personalities push them to shoot for the stars, and they will do whatever it takes to come out on top. This dedication to reach their lofty aspirations is reflected by a preference for expensive and lavish foods that display their impressive achievements. Slytherins always order the finest things off the menu, so don’t be surprised if you see a seafood tower or wagyu cut come their way. Slytherins are also self-confident; they know what they want, they get what they want, and they tend to go for the traditional classics. This means that Slytherins tend to be more picky eaters, and are hesitant to break from their favorites. While they love to order the top shelf products, they also stick to refined, familiar treats like coffee, sushi, or (if they're feeling really humble) a club sandwich. Overall, when eating out Sytherins go for foods too fancy for their own good, but stick to their classy favorites for day-to-day eats.

Example of Foods: Lamb, Lobster, Beef Wellington, Caviar, Scallops, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Broccolini, Salmon, or anything extravagantly expensive (think an outrageously overpriced gold foiled burger)


Ravenclaws are known for their intelligence, and their ability to always come up with a witty, creative response. Ravenclaws always think before they act, and are very aware that “you are what you eat”. They know what is good for them, and tend to be more calculated when choosing what to dine on. They always think about what’s on their plate, and tailor their meal to fit their specific needs. They also always want to know what they’re eating, and love customizable dishes like bowls and sandwiches. Ravenclaws are also not one’s to stick with the pack, and will create unconventional meals to fit their culinary needs. While it might seem weird to see pork, avocado, applesauce, and a donut on a tray, to a Ravenclaw that might be the perfect combination of foods they were looking for. They might get a lot of side eyes, but in the end their meticulous choice of food outweighs any embarrassment. They are highly aware of flavor profiles, and will consider both nutrition and flavor when constructing their meal. They tend to eat on the healthier side, but know the right balance between eating food that makes their body, taste buds, and mind happy. Overall, Ravenclaws are thoughtful eaters who create meals to fit exactly what they need, and are able to balance taste and nutrition with grace.

Example of Foods: Caesar Salad, Tea, Tofu, Charcuterie Boards, Subs, Pasta Salad, Pho, or any customizable food like mediterranean bowls, smoothie bowls, burrito bowls, I think you get the idea.


 The friendliest house, Hufflepuffs are always there to help, and are the walking embodiments of a warm hug. They’re extremely loyal to those close to them, and they will put others before their own needs. Hufflepuffs’ dedication to kindness and joy makes them prefer foods that give them that same cuddly feeling. They love comfort foods, and crave bites that give them Ratatouille-like nostalgic flashbacks. From grandma’s specialty apple pie to the grilled cheese mom packed for lunch, Hufflepuffs gravitate towards foods that are jam-packed with memories. Hufflepuff is the house that cares the most about food, and Hufflepuffs are basically the modern foodie. They also can be described as kind of basic, and will hop on every hot food trend. You better believe that Hufflepuffs were making whipped coffee and butter boards religiously during their viral prime. They really don’t care if the food is healthy or not, Hufflepuffs will just eat whatever their emotions tell them to. They see meals as time to spend with loved ones, and prepare meals for others as a gesture of love. Overall, Hufflepuffs are foodies who eat whatever food, trendy or comfort, that their heart tells them to.

Example of Foods: Apple Pie, Mac n Cheese, Fried Chicken, Fried Rice, Chicken Noodle Soup, Fruit Salad, Peanut Butter-Banana-Nutella Sandwiches, any Casserole, and any seasonal/trendy food like pumpkin spice lattes, peppermint bark, shamrock shake, etc…

And there you have it, your favorite types food based on your Hogwarts house. Go out and try these foods, and see if you can find the magic in them.