Pixar films all teach us valuable lessons whether it's about love, family or friendship. Ratatouille teaches us about food. Though it may sound silly, this movie does contain valuable advice about food. 

1. Don't forget to eat fruit

We all need to have a well-balanced diet. In Ratatouille, Remy loves human food, and he recalls his obsession with fruits and vegetables.

2. A meal is a work of art

Just look how beautifully this dish is assembled. Chefs, even when they're rats, make sure that their food is presentable. With everyone Snapchatting and Instagramming food these days, they have to make sure their food is aesthetically pleasing. The way Remy put together this plate of ratatouille is a perfect example.

3. Cooking is fun

Just look at the smile on his face. It says it all.

4. Cheese is super important

You love cheese, I love cheese, we all love cheese. If you don't, you're doing it wrong. Never be afraid to admit your love for cheese. I can personally say my obsession is unhealthy.

5. Food doesn't only taste good, but it also smells good

Yes, food is delicious and satisfies our taste buds. However, sometimes we need to take the time to smell the food, as it also satisfies other senses. 

6. Food can bring back memories

Ego, the food critic, takes one bite of Remy's ratatouille and is immediately brought back to his childhood. Remy's dish reminds him of his mother's cooking. 

7. Don't be ashamed to be a foodie

At first, Remy doesn't want to tell his friends and family that he likes human food, but he finally breaks down and tells them. Never be ashamed to tell others what you like. Especially if it's food, because that's totally fine. 

8. Anyone can cook

The whole motto of this film is "anyone can cook." It was Chef Gusteau's main advice to any aspiring chef. Ratatouille starts out with his passing, and Remy is inspired by his words and embarks on his journey to cook.