Whether you’re in a dorm or in an apartment, it can be difficult to get access to food in the middle of a snow storm. You don’t want to trek across campus to the dining hall, and the roads or sidewalks might not be clear to get to the nearest grocery store. And let’s be honest, those dorm room closets are not big enough to store your snow pants and snow shoes. Good preparation before any type of weather storm is just a good life skill to have, and is just one of many adjustments you have to make when you move away from home. Here's what food to buy for a snowstorm, aka a grocery survival guide to weathering a college snow day.

A Gallon Of Water For Every Person In Your Household

This is for more extreme cases where the power could go out. Even if the storm is only a day, the power could stay out longer, so plenty of clean water is good to have not just for drinking, but for washing your hands, and brushing your teeth.

Hot Chocolate

Photo by Mekht from Unsplash

You didn’t think this was going to be all serious, did you? Of course you can’t sit and watch the snow fall without a mug of hot chocolate warming your palms. To marshmallow or not to marshmallow is up to you.

Instant Ramen

Photo by SQ Lim from Unsplash

All you need is a pot and some water for this comforting classic. Dress it up with some of the vegetables leftover in your fridge if you’re afraid they’re going to go bad, and slurp your way through your favorite movie. If you’re in a dorm without a stovetop, buy something like Cup Noodles where you just need water and a microwave.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Photo by Joshua Bedford from Unsplash

There is nothing better than coming inside after sledding to the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies. And maybe this is just a personal tradition of mine, but I love dipping them into my hot chocolate. A store-bought mix from Nestle Toll House or the like makes it hassle free.


You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Losing power and not being able to use your Keurig has got to be one of the worst feelings in the world. Before a snowstorm, I always buy a few 24-ounce coffees from a convenience store like Wawa or 7-Eleven, and figure out a way to heat it up if I don’t have power, or pour it over ice.


Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Bread, the ever versatile ingredient. If you really had to, you could eat bread for all three meals of the day. It’s a good staple to have, it doesn’t require refrigeration or heat, and you can make sure that your deli meats and cheeses don’t go to waste.

Pancake Mix

Another just-add-water food that can provide a homey vibe if you’re staying in on your snow day. Growing up, I knew no other way of making pancakes than the Bisquick Shake N’ Pour mix. Make these pancakes just as everyone is waking up and seeing the snowfall, or have breakfast for dinner!