If you're one of those people who hates noisy chewing sounds, you're in luck. Nissin has launched a limited-edition noise-canceling ramen fork. They claim that the fork can detect noodle-slurping sounds and trigger a nearby smart phone to play noises that will block out out the slurps. So basically, each time you slurp your noodles, a sound plays and you're like, nope, I wasn't just slurping.

All you need is $130 and a smart phone. But yeah, that price does seem ridiculously steep. Luckily, the fork has numerous uses and benefits.

You can buy one for yourself and stop overthinking every time you chew in class or in meetings. And, you can buy one for your roommate who, although you love dearly, you want to throw your computer at every time he/she eats because they chew so damn loud. A supreme invention, indeed.

The fork plays a star role in this bizarre Cup Noodles ad, which promotes the device as a way to avoid "noodle harassment," which apparently is a real thing that happens as a result of certain noodle-eating practices in different countries.

Noodle-slurping is common in Japan—actually, it's custom to slurp as it's believed it can enhance the eating experience, and it's like a hats off to the chef. But such noises have been known to make others uncomfortable, especially in American culture.

The noise-canceling fork commercial promotes the fork as a potential olive branch among different types of noodle-eaters, bringing people together.

In a time of extreme division, the thought of bonding despite different ramen eating styles is a welcome innovation. After all, nothing is better than the communal enjoyment of carbs, amirite? 

We can only hope that a pie cutter that eases political tensions will come out in time for the holidays. Until then, this noise-canceling noodle-slurping fork will have to do.

You can order one on Nissin's website, but act fast. The company only plans to make 5,000.