Hot chocolate is such an amazing thing, but I constantly find myself saying, "this is too watery." In order to mend this complication I did some research and came up with a recipe that mimics those found in Parisian cafés.

The BEST Hot Chocolate

  • Prep Time:5 mins
  • Cook Time:5 mins
  • Total Time:10 mins
  • Servings:1
  • Easy


  • 1 cup milk any your choice
  • 5 tbs. semi-sweet chocolate
Ali McCarthy
  • Step 1

    Separate out the needed amount of chocolate. This can be done through shaving or chopping the chocolate.

    Ali McCarthy
  • Step 2

    Put the amount of milk needed in a pot on medium-low heat.

  • Step 3

    Consistently stir the milk as it is heating up until a subtle steam starts.

  • Step 4

    Add the chocolate to the milk and keep stirring until it seems completely melted and homogenous.

    Ali McCarthy
  • Step 5

    Optional: Strain the mixture into a heat proof measuring cup.

    Ali McCarthy
  • Step 6

    Distribute the hot chocolate as desired and top it however you would like. (Get creative! My favorites include whipped cream with cinnamon sugar and a toasted marshmallow.)

    Ali McCarthy

Enjoy your delicious homemade hot chocolate! Consider dipping a croissant in it like an authentic Parisian. 

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