Ariana Grande has been all over the places during these last few months. Since the release of "Sweetener", her fourth album, everyone seems to talk about her love life, career, music, fashion, and aesthetic. The American-Italian star is living such a hectic and busy life, she looks like she doesn't even have got time for herself, so devoted and loving toward her fans. Does she even have time to feed herself? If not, I've got a menu, just for you Ariana. Inspired by her songs, I've imagined how her last album "Thank U, Next" could be as a list of foods and sweets.

Sometimes classy, sometimes cosy, Ariana's songs are truly inspiring and they can literally feed your soul.

Let's see if you can see yourself celebrating the following tracks with these treats!


One of the sweetest and most heartfelt singles, 'Imagine' tells the story of a relationship at its early stages. It's not hard to imagine a couple of lovers sharing memorable moments, like the one described in the lines "stayin' up all night, order me pad thai, then we gon' sleep 'til noon". Pad thai is a really good dish to either share or eat alone with your other favorite person. 


As a reflective melody, 'Needy ;brings up many concerns and thoughts any young woman in love has got in her mind. Love can be tricky, you never know how it can develop. When in doubt or you've got the blue moods, tea is the answer. Chamomile has the power to calm you down, whereas green tea helps you feel cleaned and refreshed. However, any other kind of tea might just work fine.


NASA is synonym of "space" and after all the emotions Ariana has been through, space is the only thing she really needs! Whatever fruit you might be a fan of, strawberries and whipped cream are a good combo for a comfortable and simple night-in.


Okay, picture this. You are at a party, a really nice one. You don't want to get drunk already, but a frizzy soft drink may be just the right fit to boost the vibes at the party! You're here just to have fun and to not think too much. Soda, lemonade, you name it and you take it! 

Fake Smile

Now you're tired from the party. Maybe the company was not that great as you thought it was going to be or you just were bored the whole time. Well, I understand it: don't pretend anymore, don't smile, be upset, but try to be better with some late night ice cream. I bet that smile will appear soon again after three or four scoops of that deserved and comforting ice cream.

Bad Idea

You're being meditative, but you need an upbeat song. "Bad Idea" is your to-go song to consume, along with some blueberry yogurt. Apart from being very much liked by Ariana herself, blueberries have good antioxidants and yogurt can be pretty healthy for your body.


It happens, you fight with your partner. They made you cranky for a bit, but you know you love them, so you guys try to make it up. In the process, you might need yourself a bunch of macarons to feel classy and like a princess once again. Princesses need love too, boo! Love from and to themselves!


When you truly love someone, love doesn't fade, at least not easily or in a fast way. Love, even if it's a past one, makes you wonder and think, it gets your head spinning around many concerns and worries. Time heals and helps. In the meantime, milk and honey can be some of the sweeteners you can keep close to you and drink them in the early morning or late dark night.

In My Head

Chances are it was definitely all in your head. Remember those toxic thoughts? And those unnecessary worries? You might have loved the wrong person, a very bad one. In order to make it up with your wasted time, you should eat some chocolate. It's easy to find, it comes in different shapes and sizes, with tons of brands. Quick, you must live your best life! Grab and don't regret swallowing that big piece of scrumptious chocolate you've been craving!

7 Rings

Back to the celebration vibe, '7 Rings' is an anthem about a cheerful and vivid life. Not only is champagne  the well-known privileged drink that Ariana spills in the music video, but it is also a bubbly and jolly beverage that must people at parties enjoy. Have fun, go for it, dream it!

Thank U, Next

If the main reference you got from the music video of this song is the Mean Girls segment, well: no carbs should be eaten. But wait... is butter a carb? If it's really not, why don't you have some peanut butter spread over a piece of bread? Or some buttered pasta with parmesan? I know it doesn't sound the most delicious food to eat, but they're simple to prepare with your friends and family!

Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored

Let's end it with a sweet treat, like cotton candy. It can be baby pink, light blue, or any other pastel color, but it must be soft and big like your heart is supposed to be. In this way your boo might come along, who knows? Show off your heart, make your moves!

Besides the creative piece, every song of this album is the proof of another well done work by Ariana Grande. May she deliver us some other inspiring and enjoyable work in the future!