Grapery has changed the fruit game forever — we're in 2017, they're in 2050. Located in California, the company harvests grapes with flavors unlike any other. The future is now everyone, so grab some cotton candy grapes and experience this life changing experience. 

WTF are Cotton Candy Grapes?

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Naib Mian

Grapery's website claims that they grow and develop all natural, high quality grapes that are incomparable to any other grape in the world, this means that you're getting that sweet sugary treat with zero guilt. 

The cotton candy flavor is achieved by plant breeding, using a wide range of cross-pollination combos. The cotton candy grapes are free from any artificial flavoring, all natural and non-GMO. "The cotton candy flavor was a result of a lot of hard work, innovation and, okay, a bit of good luck," as read under Grapery's FAQ's

When and Where?

August 10th through September 20th is the prime time you'll find these babies — so mark your calendars. Each grape is season specific and you won't want to miss out, take a look at their availability chart

Grapery makes it super easy for their customers to find where their ripe and delicious grapes are located, just click on your state and it will display the stores they can be found at. 

But Wait, There's More 

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Cotton candy may not be your pick of poison, but don't fret — Grapery sells other deliciously flavored grapes such as Gum Drops and Flavor Pops. Check out all of their custom grape creations here.  

Other Hybrid Fruits 

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There are many other hybrid fruits out there that will make you want to try and create some of your own, but we'll leave that to the professionals. Ever heard of tayberries, plumcots, rangpurs or limequats? Check out these ten strange but incredible hybrid fruits. 

Cotton candy grapes are a true flavor trip. Just close your eyes and you're at the carnival with your sweet and fluffy air spun snack. Now, I'll continue to wait for a healthy alternative to all my other favorite calorie packed snacks, but for now these will do.