Have you ever wondered what a sweet lemon or lime tastes like? Or maybe you've never been one for a shot of tequila? Well flavor tripping might be the answer to your woes. 

It all started with YouTube, like any good story does. We all know that feeling when you’ve been aimlessly scrolling through the vortexes of YouTube for hours and end up in the really weird part, right? I came across ‘flavor tripping’ videos and found out it was as easy as ordering some cheap pills off of Amazon. I was all in — you bet I ordered the Miracle Frooties by the end of the first video. 

When I took the tablets, I started tripping. My pupils began to dilate, my body started tingling, and my temperature went through the roof.

Okay, I'm kidding.

I did in fact try flavor tripping though, and it got WEIRD.

How Does Flavor Tripping Work?

Flavor tripping occurs when a berry from West Africa known as the miracle fruit is made into tablets, which are to be rolled around and dissolved on the tongue. The miracle fruit contains miraculin, a protein that changes the way taste buds react to food, thus making sour foods sweet and sweet foods literally candy.

The effects last anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. From my experience, it only lasted about 10 minutes. I tested a variety of foods while trippin', and here's what happened.

Testing Different Foods


citron, lemonade, citrus, juice, lemon
Rebecca Block

Straight-up the lemon juice tasted like sweet, sweet lemonade. TBH, I had a hard time moving on to the next food because I just wanted to grab a straw and slurp up the entire bottle. 


lime, juice, citrus, lemon
Sarah Silbiger

Yet another extremely sour food turned sweet. Have you ever had the desire to bite into a lime and eat it like a ripe, juicy orange? Well, I hadn't either — until I flavor tripped. The intense, burning sensation coming from my lips reminded me that I was, in fact, eating a sour lime like a savage. 


I love olives, so I was a little worried that eating them while flavor tripping would ruin them for me. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately), there was no effect. 


vegetable, sweet
Stephanie Lim

This one may be a real crowd-pleaser, but for me, it's a no. I like my pickles like my personality — sour with a little kick. The miracle berries made the pickles VERY sweet, so if you're into ruining your pickles, this one's for you.


strawberry, berry, sweet, pasture
Torey Walsh

We've all had that weak moment while sprinkling some sugar on our fruit and looking up like a guilty puppy to see if anyone was watching. Put the sugar down and report for flavor tripping — no sugar needed anymore. 


sweet, candy
Stephanie Lim

Mustard, ketchup, and hot sauce. I've dreamt of a world without sauce, and it's horrifying. Nowadays sauce is a religion, and everyone is preachin'. The miracle berries had the least effect on the sauces. If anything, the tastes of all three sauces became slightly stronger.


water, tequila
Jocelyn Hsu

We all know that girl who can drink tequila like water. Thanks to flavor tripping, we can all be that girl. Forget the salt and lime —  go ahead and grab the bottle, I won't judge you, I'll join you. 

Poppin' the miracle fruit tablet and testing some common household foods is a must-try for everyone. Some people have even started to host flavor tripping parties for thrill-seeking guests.

Flavor tripping is the ultimate WTF experience — my jaw was actually sore from dropping so many times. Not fully convinced? Head on over to YouTube, and you'll be ordering them by the third video.