There are very few topics that come up as often in "Friends," the most relatable TV show of all time, as does food. Between Monica being a cook and Joey's undying devotion to Italian food, "Friends" could almost be featured on the Food Network Channel. Almost. 

Each "Friends" character has their own unique personality that determines their role in the show, but together, they all make one dynamic and entertaining group. You can think about meals, especially salads, the same way. You start with the base and then add toppings, each of which has its own unique texture and flavor profile, to make one amazing salad (like the one the cast ate for 10 years while on set). 

A person's favorite salad topping can say a lot about their personality. In fact, it's telling enough to show which "Friends" character they'd be. So choose your favorite salad topping and tell you which character you're most like.

Avocado: Monica Geller

sweet, guacamole, vegetable, avocado
Sarah Silbiger

Like Monica, an avocado can single-handedly transform a handful of greens into a gourmet meal. Avocado lovers are a bit high-maintenance about their favorite topping being perfectly ripe, which is why they appreciate Monica's type-a personality the most out of everyone.  

Bacon: Chandler Bing

barbecue, pork, seafood, fish, meat
Christin Urso

Bacon offers that meaty, indulgent bite to a salad that most people need to carry them through all the greens. Anyone who appreciates that will value Chandler's ability to bring humor to the show and hold the whole gang together with his self-deprecating comments. 

Beans: Mike Hannigan

vegetable, cereal, legume, meat, pea, chickpeas, garbanzo, corn
Christin Urso

Beans, from garbanzo to black to pinto, are the perfect way to add plant-based protein to a salad. They're not for everyone, but if they're your favorite, it makes sense that you would relate best to Mike. He does marry Phoebe the vegetarian, after all. 

Cheese: Gunther

slices, cheese, dairy, dairy product, milk, cheddar
Caroline Ingalls

Cheese is an essential component of every salad, but it often goes under appreciated or unnoticed altogether. The kind of person who takes the time to appreciate that fresh mozzarella or tangy parmesan is like Gunther, always working behind the scenes at Central Perk filling the friends' cups of coffee. 

Chicken: Ben Geller

turkey, meat
Sydney Segal

Because it's a sensitive meat, chicken can make or break a salad depending on how it's cooked. Crispy chicken is always delicious, but a dry breast can render a salad inedible. Throughout the show, Ben is a great (and hilarious) addition to the show, but at times, he can put a hinder on the gang's shenanigans. Overall, however, both chicken and Ben are warmly welcomed.

Croutons: Joey Tribbiani

meat, vegetable, sweet
Ellen Gibbs

Croutons are perhaps the least healthy part of the salad. If they're your favorite topping, odds are you'd much rather be eating an all-out carb feast of pizza or lasagna instead. That's why you relate most to Joey, the resident Italian of "Friends." 

Fresh Fruit: Rachel Green

grape, strawberry, strawberries, jar of fruit, blueberry, kiwi, orange, mango, Fruit, Whole Foods, Whole Foods Market, sweet
Shelby Cohron

The fresh fruit that is offered on salads changes all of the time, depending on what's in season. Because Rachel is so up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and hairstyles, her look changes the most out of everyone else in the group. Lovers of seasonal fresh fruit can appreciate her dedication.

Olives: Ross Geller

oil, legume, vegetable
Charlotte Hull

Olives are one of those really polarizing foods. Some people love them, some refuse to eat a salad even after the olives have been picked out. It seems that people tend to feel the same way about Ross. You either think he's whiney, or appreciate the dynamic he brings to the show. But at the end of the day, you're just like him and you know your friends are fans of olives, too.   

Quinoa: Emily Waltham

couscous, quinoa, groats, millet, corn, buckwheat, porridge, cereal, wheat
Christin Urso

Everyone fell hard for quinoa when it got super popular as a health food. But many people quickly realized that they didn't actually like the taste or texture of the stuff. Pretty sure that's how Ross felt about Emily, as was proven when he accidentally called her Rachel. Poor Emily... Luckily she's just as good on her own

Tofu: Phoebe Buffay

tofu, meat, sweet, chicken, bread, pastry
Anna Hirschorn

Tofu is perhaps the most underrated salad topping, but, when prepared correctly, even meat-lovers will be choosing it over chicken, steak, or deli meat. Someone who's willing to take risks and stray from the norm is probably a tofu-lover and will identify most with Phoebe Buffay. 

Tomato: Janice Hosenstein

tomato, vegetable, cherry, cherry tomato, pasture
Caroline Ingalls

Tomatoes are that element that comes out of nowhere and punches your tastebuds. They offer a burst of juicy flavor and acidity that often catches people off-guard, just as Janice's random reappearances and whining of "oh my god" catch Chandler, and everyone else, always by surprise. Like Janice, you always have good intentions, but some people just can't handle your big personality. But don't worry about them, you do you! 

See, your favorite salad topping can be very telling about your personality. Is yours an accurate predictor of which "Friends" character you are? Maybe you'll have to go back and binge-watch the show to be sure.