Eggs and cheese are probably the top two in my mile long list of favorite foods. No matter how you like your eggs, cheese can only make them better. I know I have made some cooking mistakes when it comes to eggs—who knew cheese does NOT pair well with hard boiled eggs? OOPS.

Read more to learn how to upscale your favorite breakfast food and make your meal #classy.


Who doesn’t love scrambled eggs? They’re creamy and buttery and a great part of any breakfast of champions. American cheese and cream cheese are great additions to your scrambled eggs since they melts easily and will double the creaminess. Talk about velvet in your mouth.

Here is a solid recipe for some gr8 scrambled eggs.

Fried Goodness

First things first, learn how to get that perfect yolk for all of the above here.

Fried on a salad:

Hello protein! Put a sunny side up egg on top of your salad and add some goat cheese or parmesan for a delicious (and dare I say healthy?) meal. Both cheeses will add MAJOR flavor to your egg dish. 

Fried on avo toast:

For your avocado toast I would suggest adding goat cheese or feta just to double the #hipsterness of your plate. The creaminess of either cheese will go along with the texture of the avocado to make your mouth extra happy.

Bacon egg and cheese:

Ugh. My favorite. I love cheddar or provolone on the salty goodness of this wonderful combination of foods.


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Ooooooh. We're getting fancy. Honestly omelettes are a blank canvas. Anything can work! When you’re picking cheese for your omelets try to go with a theme for your toppings. I love getting swiss along with ham and sautéed onions.

For a tex-mex meal try chopped up peppers and chorizo with pepperjack for some heat. If you're trying to get SUPER fancy, try some brie with ham and sautéed mushrooms and your life will forever change.

Check out a basic tutorial for omelets here.

Quiche or Frittata

Like omelettes, a quiche or a frittata (which is basically a quiche without a crust), is a blank canvas. Anything goes. One of my favorites is sautéed mushrooms and onions with some bacon and  parmesan and swiss cheese. Another yummy one is gruyere with sautéed spinach. Whatever you decide to put in this dish I'm sure will taste ahhmazing.


Poaching an egg is like an art, it takes some finesse. Learn the skill here! Once you have the skill you can have eggs benedict galore... Among other things.  For instance make some huevos rancheros and add some queso fresco. Or put an poached egg on top of your cheesy grits for a southern brunch. Another idea is to add it to your tomato basil and fresh mozzerella toast. SO. MANY. OPTIONS.