"Friends" is undoubtedly the best show of all time. I can shamelessly admit that I've watched all ten seasons twice in the past six months, and I like to sing the theme song in the shower (sorry to everyone who has to listen to me sing). I thought I knew everything about "Friends" until I heard that the "Friends" cast ate the same thing for lunch every single day.

My initial reaction was: I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm totally fine. I'm fine. 

But, like Ross, I was not fine. This is so not fine on so many levels. I started questioning the show, the cast, and even myself. Is this actor cruelty? What if they were craving something else? Did they eat this salad more times than Ross got divorced? Could I eat something every day for a year (or ten?!?)? SOS, I am totally not fine. 

As I started to maintain proper breathing, I did some further investigation. Spoiler alert: the "Friends" cast did not eat at Central Perk every day. They stuck to a strict diet of daily "Jennifer Salads" for lunch, named after the most famous cast member and verified goddess Jennifer Aniston (#teamjen forever). 

The "Jennifer Salad" is basically a Cobb Salad with garbanzo beans and turkey bacon instead of normal bacon (because #health). I'm into it because this recipe is incredibly simple and uber healthy (read actor/diet approved). Sadly, Jennifer Aniston tossing your salad and eating lunch with you is not included the recipe.

Honestly, that sounds amazing. Anything Jennifer touches turns to gold, so I should've known. The taste is Monica approved too; Courtney Cox applauds the salad, saying that "if you're going to eat the same salad every day for 10 years, it'd better be a good salad, right?"

I have always dreamed of eating at Central Perk and ordering one of Rachel's shittily made cappuccinos or beef trifle, but now all I want is one of these Jennifer Salads. I will also settle for a remake (@NBC I hope you're reading this).