Netflix changed the game this year by adding all the seasons of Friends to their site. Thanks to their benevolent gesture they have provided millions with the opportunity to blow off their responsibilities with the world’s favorite friends. There are few things more enjoyable than laying in bed watching Joey ask “How YOU doing?” Few things except perhaps watching Joey ask “How YOU doing?” while getting drunk with your friends.

Everyone loves to whine, especially the cast of Friends, and the ideal pairing for whining is wine. Wine is the perfect alcohol for getting a Friends buzz on because it makes you just the right amount of sleepy, happy and sassy, which is the ideal emotional state you need to be in to enjoy the hi-jinx of our Central Perk friends. While this game can be played solely with your choice of bottled wine, to take it to the next level have a box of wine on hand as well.

Without further ado, here are the rules for the ultimate w(h)ine(y) Friends drinking game:

Take a sip every time:

    • Chandler references his parents
    • Anyone sees Ugly Naked Guy
    • Ross gets jealous
    • Monica’s adolescent fatness is referenced
    • Gunther gets brushed off by Rachel
    • Chandler tries to end things with Janice
    • Ross makes an over-exaggerated pouty face

Finish your cup when:

      • Any cast member uses a hand gesture
      • Phoebe mentions being homeless/her mother’s suicide
      • Chandler smokes

Slap the bag when:

        • Monica or Rachel or Chandler go on a bad date
        • Monica’s parents insult her
        • Joey doesn’t land an acting gig
        • Ross and Rachel break up