When Netflix announced in October that all 10 seasons of Friends will be available for streaming starting Jan. 1, the internet blew up a little.

As you veg over all 236 episodes, you’re going to need some food to tide you over.

So we’ve taken the liberty to pull together a list of some of the most famous Friends food references and even included some recipes.

1. Joey’s Meatball Subs

He ate them all the time and now you can too.

2. Ross’s Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich (The Moist Maker)

My sandwich?!” *Sigh.* Been there.

3. Phoebe’s Grandma’s cookies

Every time I see a yellow Nestle package, this pops into my head (and never leaves). Don’t pull a Phoebe. Use a tried and true cookie recipe here.

4. Monica’s candies

Our neighbors never made us homemade candy, but now you can.

5. Chandler and Rachel’s Cheesecake

“Oh! Yay! Look! There’s a piece that doesn’t have floor on it!”

6. Fingernail quiche

Please don’t lose a false fingernail when you cook for your parents. And if you do, make sure it happens when you’re cooking this quiche because they won’t care.

7. Monica’s Mom’s Backup Lasagna

Behold: potluck and dorm family dinner’s best kept secret. Lasagna looks hard but is actually stupid easy.

8. Joey’s Pizza

We know you like it too, so now you can make it.

9. Perverted Salad

Dirty lettuce, firm, very, very bad tomatoesjulienne

10. Toblerone

Enough said. Don’t forget to stock up on the holiday snow topped flavor!

11. Roasted Turkey

On Monica’s head, of course.

12. Monica’s jam

Don’t wait for her next batch, make your own.

13. Rachel orders lobster with a side of lobster

Choosing between things is overrated.

14. Bolgona sandwich with pickle

Phoebe craved this one when she was pregnant. It doesn’t really call for a recipe, but might we suggest adding a creamy horseradish sauce to kick it up?

15. Rachel’s beef trifle-Sheperd’s Pie recipe

Yeah, we might skip the recipe for this one.