I read in a book somewhere (or maybe I made it up?) that the stagnant Italian economy can be attributed to the “been there done that” attitude of the Italians.  They figure that as a people, Italians feel no need to put too much effort in at the office because they’ve already laid claim to extreme wealth and glory in the halcyon days of the Roman Empire. Why try anymore when you’re already down in the history books as rulers of the Western world for centuries?

Their buildings may be in disrepair, but their food is SPOT ON.

Photo by Sachin Tomar

That being said, they have continued to absolutely kill it in the food department. Everyone loves Italian food. And why not? Italian food has everything one could possibly want. Though I’m not sure there’s anyone who could possibly debate my reasoning, I’ve compiled a list of some reminders as to why the lovely people in that boot-shaped country are making the world a better place.

1. Pizza. Need I say more? Okay, I will (because honestly I could espouse endlessly on that wonderful, gooey, greasy thing). Pizza is what everyone craves. It can be modified to suit everyone’s taste-buds and comes in every flavor imaginable. It’s customizable by region (Hawaii has pineapple and ham, Rhode Island kills the seafood pizza game, New York will always lay claim to plain cheese, and the Italians themselves have made the margherita pizza an art form). Dough, cheese, toppings. It’s the perfect food. You can eat it cold or hot, it’s transportable, it hits all the major food groups (so it’s pretty much a health food), and it looks amazing in pictures. Thank you, Naples.


Photo by Elisa Verdirosi

 2. Pasta. Even for you celiac peeps out there who are denied the rich buttery goodness of real gluten-y pasta, you’ve got to appreciate it. You’re getting over the stomach bug? Have some plain pasta and butter. You’re in the mood to feel like you’re floating on a cloud of creamy goodness? Alfredo. You want something to accompany your allocated protein of the day? Spaghetti and meatballs. There are entire sections of every restaurant’s menu devoted to pasta dishes. With good reason. It’s the be all, end all of food. Boom. Pasta.

Photo by veganjay92


Photo by Daniele Marleneck

Get. In. My. Belly.

3. Gelato: It’s the better ice cream. The Italians were like, here’s something awesome (ice cream) and let’s make it richer, creamier, and more delicious. Alright, I know that’s not how it went down, but regardless, gelato is amazing and it’s Italian and so… yeah. Gelato. Well done.

Photo by Catcher in my Eye

See? Julia Roberts gets it. Gelato.

Photo courtesy of Colombia PIctures

4. The atmosphere. Italian grandmothers. Now, I myself am not Italian. But most of my childhood friends were, and I always wanted a loud, Italian grandmother that shoved food down my throat and sometimes pinched my cheeks. I love the loudness, and I love the accents, and I love that Italians all bond over food.

Photo by 29.media.tumblr.com

Okay I know she’s supposed to be Greek but you get the point.

In Conclusion: Italians may have lost some oomph in the war department with the fall of the Roman Empire, but they are still top of the world for food. Ciao, mothahf*******.