It's fun to go back to school and see our friends, but sometimes it's also nerve-wracking to start new experiences, hard to get out of bed, stay motivated, and swing back into a routine again. But per usual, food can help. These common back-to-school aches, pains, and problems can be tackled with a simple snack. Tell us your back to school health problem, and we'll tell you what food should help you fix it.

Can't Wake Up and Get Out of Bed: Apples

whole apple, Fruit, Fuji apple, apples
Jocelyn Hsu

Apples don't have any caffeine, but they have about 13 grams of a natural sugar called fructose. Apples are also full of fiber, so they provoke a similar response as caffeine because the sugar is slowly absorbed by the body, making you feel more energized throughout the day. An apple is also a better option than a cup of coffee because you get the energy without the crash.

If eating a plain apple doesn't sound like your type breakfast, try making apple nachos or apple bread. 

Can't Pay Attention in Class: Avocados

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Sarah Silbiger

Avocados contain monounsaturated fats that benefit brain activity by supporting information-carrying nerves and increasing blood flow. And a strong brain is what you need to get through your lectures for the day. Have a #basic slice of avocado toast or avocado dark chocolate truffles and soon people will be asking to see your very detailed notes. 

Lack Of Motivation: Pecans

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Jessica Kelly

Pecans pack a punch because of their choline levels. Choline supports brain development, helping transmit nerve signals that aid in memory. So, remember the goal you had of getting all As this semester? Strengthen your brain with pecans and you can do it. If you're feeling down-in-the-dumps, sometimes you just need to go nuts. 

Too Much Homework: Blueberries

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Tess Tarantino

Blueberries are super energizing and have antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber. Even more so, their high levels of gallic acid can help prevent degeneration and stress. If you have a long night of studying ahead of you, skip the Sour Skittles and go for nature's candy to help you de-stress.

Your Backpack Is Too Heavy: Eggs

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Caroline Ingalls

For one thing, try not to carry all your textbooks at once. Pack your bag with only what you truly need for the day. But if you still are having a hard time carrying all of your stuff, increase your muscle strength by working out and eating eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein, which helps strengthen and rebuild muscle cells. Plus, eggs are easy to incorporate into any meal.

Having to Walk Across Campus to Class: Banana

juice, sweet, apple, banana
Jocelyn Hsu

On a big campus especially, walking to class can be a workout in and of itself. One of the best pre-workout foods out there are bananas. They are loaded with digestible carbohydrates and potassium, which helps maintain muscle function — perfect for your long walk to class. 

Anxious About Sorority/Fraternity Rush: Peppermint Tea

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Julie Lau

If you're feeling overwhelmed or nervous about recruitment, peppermint tea can help you regroup. When you’re stressed out or anxious, you tend to feel tense and irritable. Sipping on some peppermint tea can ease that tension. And hey, try not to be nervous, just be yourself. 

You're Hungover: Healthy Cereal

corn, cereal
Emma Delaney

Yeah, it happens. But besides drinking tons of water, it's important to eat properly after a night out. Don't go for piles of fatty food. Instead, try eating a bowl of cereal that doesn't have too much sugar. The folate and iron should lift your energy levels and get you back on top of your game.

You're Homesick: Your Family Recipe for X

fresh pizza, homemade pizza, pizza from scratch, olives, sausage, pizza, pepperoni, mozzarella
Sam Jesner

Maybe it's your mom's spaghetti sauce, or maybe it's your grandpa's pizza. Before you leave for college, learn how to make a family dish. You'll feel a little better with that familiar taste in your mouth.

Also, I always have a plate from home in my dorm room. Little things like dishes can make a world of difference and help cure your homesickness. 

No New Friends, Yet: Ice cream

cake, chocolate, ice, ice cream, cream
Jenny Georgieva

Although it's not always good to eat your feelings, ice cream tends to cheer most people up. Ice cream is always there when no one else is. If you ever feel lonely, pick up a pint of your favorite flavor. You never know, you might find someone in your dorm who also loves Mint Chocolate Chip and is willing to share it with you. 

#SpoonTip: If you're looking to make new friends on campus, join your university's Spoon University chapter! You'll meet people from all different majors who share one common passion: food. 

If your mom is anything like mine, she's probably always telling you to be thankful that you're in school. Of course we should all be thankful, but school is stressful, competitive, and just plain annoying sometimes. But, you're not alone, and luckily, there's nothing food can't fix.